Apex Legends Emergence
Ben Borthwick by on Jul 26, 2021

Apex Legends lets you Seer a Decimated World’s Edge in Emergence gameplay trailer

Respawn Entertainment and EA have released the gameplay trailer and more details on Apex Legends‘ upcoming tenth season, entitled Emergence.

A big change to the game’s World’s Edge map, first introduced in Season 3. Now seven seasons later, the harvesting of the planet’s resources has finally taken its toll. The Refinery has been wiped off the map by a large lava fissure. In its place stands a new larger area filled with cloud seeding towers known as the Climatizer. The crack in the map has also spread more to the North and has become a treacherous lava river daring you to cross it.

Moving gondolas have also been added to the map for Apex Legends’ Emergence season, offering a riskily confined but potentially safer way across the lava. The Sorting Factory is also gone and replaced with a new point of interest known as the Lava Siphon. The Train Yard too has been demolished, forcing you to skirmish among the remains. You can check out more details on the map changes on the game’s official website.

As previously revealed, the update will also bring along the new Legend known as Seer. Alongside him is the new Ranked Arenas mode, and a couple of new Arena maps to boot. There’s also a new weapon – the Rampage LMG. You can check out all of these in the trailer below.

Apex Legends’ Emergence season drops into the battle royale shooter on August 3. It came to light just last week that Respawn Entertainment are also working on an upcoming singleplayer game.


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