Apex Legends gets a new Arena map & more in Warriors collection event next week

Apex Legends gets a new Arena map & more in Warriors collection event next week
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Respawn Entertainment has detailed a new Warriors collection event coming to battle royale shooter Apex Legends next week.

The Warriors collection event will run for two weeks, between March 29 and April 12. As with other Collection events, players will have the chance of earning a set of new themed cosmetics including character & weapon skins. Some of these include the ‘Synthetic Huntress’ skin for Ash and the ‘Riding Dirty’ skin for Octane to name just two. Players can complete challenges to earn points and unlock these rewards. Alternatively, there’s also a set of 24 further cosmetics to buy for Apex Coins or crafting materials in the store.

On top of that, the update will also add a brand new Arena Map. Entitled ‘Drop Off’ the new map is set high above the skies of Malta on an automated Hammond Manufacturing Tower. Expect plenty of pitched battles across a high Observation Deck, or drop down to the Loading Bay for battles amongst a bunch of containers. Be careful you don’t fall off the edge though, as the height is a very real and present danger here.

In addition, the Warriors event will also see the return of the Control game mode. First introduced at the beginning of this season, the mode pits 9 players against 9 other players for control (see what they did there?) of specific points on tailored maps. A new map’s also in the rotation in the form of Caustic Treatment from King’s Canyon.

You can check out the trailer for the Warriors collection event below. It goes live in Apex Legends on all formats from Tuesday, March 29.