Angel’s Venture has been liberated in Helldivers 2, giving players some much-needed respite

Angel’s Venture has been liberated in Helldivers 2, giving players some much-needed respite
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Great news for all you Helldivers out there, as the planet Angel’s Venture has finally been liberated in Helldivers 2. The planet in the Orion sector on the eastern half of the map was under siege from Terminid forces, and being by far the closest planet under attack to Super Earth, players were determined not to let it fall.

With players dedicating so much time to liberating certain planets, it’s no surprise that they develop an attachment to them. Since the game’s launch, the Automaton-sieged Malevelon Creek had been a fan-favourite planet, making its fall to the Automatons only last week all the more crushing.

The move to liberate the planet had been going steady for a long time, but seemingly making little progress. But over the weekend, a huge burst of effort from the players saw the planet rapidly jump from around 50% liberated to 100% in less than a day.

Fans on Reddit made it known that they’re glad it’s finally over in a post from u/LiamH11111. ‘Been getting tired of having to run around that crag near the top. Went from like 50-54% over three days and now it’s finally over’, wrote u/DoTheCreep_ahh

Some players were a little less happy to leave, discussing what they loved about the planet. ‘Just an appreciation post about how the multicolor Angel’s Venture grass is beautiful. I will gladly come back here in a time of need.’ wrote u/Atys_SLC. While u/Jesus_Hong agreed, saying ‘Angel’s Venture was one of the prettiest planets we’ve seen so far imo’.

Developers Arrowhead Game Studios have done an incredible job with the worldbuilding in Helldivers 2, and how players react to liberating a planet is testament to that. Angel’s Venture won’t be the last planet fans become attached to, and perhaps once mechs drop, we’ll see some even more hard-fought liberation missions.

To prepare for those, be sure to check out the best weapons and best armour in the game, so you won’t be caught lacking by those devious Terminids and Automatons.