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Josh Wise by on Jun 27, 2022

A new Nintendo Direct is happening tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that there will be another Nintendo Direct this week, focussing mainly on third-party games. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, June 28th, at 14:00.

Nintendo tweeted the announcement:

“A new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is on the way. Watch on-demand via our YouTube channel beginning Tuesday, June 28 at 6am PT for roughly 25 minutes of info on upcoming third-party Nintendo Switch games.”

Just last week, there was a Nintendo Direct dedicated wholly to the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It was twenty minutes long, and it gave us a good look at that game’s story and ideas. It showed off twenty minutes of gameplay, as well.

The upcoming direct will likely have a blend of indies and some larger releases. Don’t go getting your hopes up for an in-depth look at Breath of the Wild 2, or anything like that. The last we heard of that game was that Nintendo has delayed it until Spring 2023. That is probably for the best; if there is any game whose development you wouldn’t want to rush, it’s a Zelda game. And, in other Breath of the Wild 2 news, a voice actor in the game recently let some details slip regarding his character in the story.


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