Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Bangboo tier list ranking

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  • The best Bangboos in ZZZ are Amillion, Butler, Plugboo, Safety, and Sharkboo.
  • Special shoutout to Bangvolver, Magnetiboo, and Resonaboo for being excellent picks as well.

Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero are little helpers who can join as an additional member of your squads. Most Banbgoos have a specific Faction and they want to be paired with Agents of the same Faction to grant various buffs. Due to this, your own tier list might look different to ours, depending on the Agents you have. This ranking is based on our experience with each of the 20 we’ve unlocked.

zenless zone zero bangboo tier list - ellen and the bangboo enter combat
Bangboos join you in combat, the adorable little gremlins. Image taken by VideoGamer

Best Bangboos tier list

The best Bangboos in ZZZ are Amillion, Butler, Safety, Shark, and Plugboo. All of these are S-Rank and they fit into specific team comps, making them some of the best you can use at the moment. As of patch 1.0, there are currently 20 available in the game. Out of these 20, there are eight S-Ranks while the remaining 12 are A-Ranks. There are no C-Rank for Bangboo in ZZZ, and the only way you can get any of the A and S-Rank Bangboos is by pulling on the dedicated banner. Here is our tier list table.


For our ranking, we’re saying S-tier is the best of the best, while C-tier is the worst around at the moment. Now let’s take a look at why we’ve ranked them the way we have, explaining their kit and utility.

S-tier Bangboos

The S-tier are the best of the best, simply because they have very specific buffs for specific teams, and should be fully utilised in this way. In terms of providing damage buffs and support to the team, none are better than these. Here’s our S-tier picks: Amillion, Butler, Safety, Sharkboo, and Plugboo.


Amillion has amazing synergy with the Cunning Hares, providing a huge damage boost to Bangboo Chain Attack if you have two or more Cunning Hare Agents in your squad. Against a single enemy, the damage increase is 45%, dropping to 35% when there are two enemies on the field and 25% with three or more foes at once.


Along the same vein as Amillion, Butler provides a huge buff to squads using two or more Victoria Housekeeping characters. The buff allows your Active Skill to generate an additional 20% Energy each time you use it. This is brilliant, considering Victoria Housekeeping has amazing Agents like Ellen, Rina, and Corin.


Safety is the one you must use if you are using any characters from the Belobog Heavy Industries faction. Safety gets a DMG increase to its Chain Attacks with two or more Belobog characters in your squad, so teams running Koleda, Grace, Ben, and Anton will see a huge benefit from this. Safety will deal further damage if the target is Burning or Shocked, which will be the case with Koleda and Grace in the team.


Sharbook is currently considered one of the best thanks to how powerful Ellen is. The buff from this one grants Anomaly Buildup Increase by 100% when you have two ice characters in your squad. As you can imagine, teams with Ellen and Soukaku or Lycaon can get a buff to inflicting Freeze with Sharkboo.


Plugboo does the same thing as Sharkboo, but it is geared towards Electric characters instead of Ice. It grants the same 100% Anomaly buildup if you have two Electric Attribute characters in a squad. Electric has a ton of strong Agents, such as Rina and Grace. Another great thing about Plugboo is it can use a large AoE attack, dishing out continuous Electric DMG.

A-tier Bangboo

Our ranking of A-tiers are in this position because they don’t quite cut it when compared to how well teams operate using the S-tier ones. A-tier are still fantastic, though, and you should try and mix them into your teams if you don’t have the right setup or any we’ve listed above. Here’s our A-tier list: Bangvolver, Exploreboo, Magnetiboo, Penguinboo, Resonaboo, and Rocketboo.


We’ve used Bangvolver a lot and it was the first S-Rank one we obtained from the gacha. It does have a special place in our team comps, but it could be much better. It works best with Physical Agents and to get its buff you need to have two in your party. Bangvolver could be better, but it could also be worse.


Exploreboo is somewhat unique in that it will provide buffs as its normal actions. It can grant you HP recovery, give you a shield, or increase your Energy Regen. When paired with one Support character, these three buffs are enhanced and will be 20% more effective.


Magnetiboo can group enemies up using its attack, which is helpful for crowd control. Outside of this, its passive buff increases the range of your Active Skill when you have one Anomaly character in your team. Due to this, it works really well with Grace to give her grenades even more range, while also increasing the damage of your skill.


Penguinboo might be the cutest, but it is sadly a worse version of the Sharkboo. While worse, it is still a very good Bangboo if you don’t have the Shark, so you should consider using this in your Ice team comps. Its passive increases Anomaly buildup by 60% when it performs a chain attack, helping you push status effects onto enemies.


Resonaboo is top-tier in our hearts and might deserve a spot in the S-tier if it had more uses. Its skill is fantastic, firing Ether black holes that group enemies and continuously inflict damage and build status. The problem with this one is it needs two Ether characters to activate its passive, and Nicole is currently the only one. Zhu Yuan is an Ether character, but her banner isn’t running until later in 1.0.


Rocketboo is a brilliant Bangboo for fire team comps. It specialises in having two Fire characters in your squad and provides the same Anomaly buildup as Sharkboo does. At the moment, the roster of Fire characters isn’t the most impressive, but you could get a lot of mileage out of this using Koleda and Solider 11. With that said, when using Koleda, you ideally want her teams to use Safety.

B-tier Bangboo

The Bangboos we’ve relegated to B-tier are here for a good reason. They’re not especially decent in most teams and they are mostly outperformed by every other. The only possible exception is Avocaboo, who is technically the only dedicated healer Bangboo.

Even with this, you won’t see a huge benefit from taking it over something that offers more damage. Since the ones in this tier are all A-Rank rarity in-game, they do not have a Chain Attack like the S-Rank Bangoboo, which further harms their usefulness. The B-tiers are Avocaboo, Cryboo, Sumoboo, Electroboo, and Booressure.

C-tier Bangboo

Finally, we come to the bottom of the Bangboo barrel. These are the worst in the game at the moment and you should pretty much avoid them. Unless anything changes with how they perform, these aren’t useful and are outperformed by all the others. The C-tier list are Bagboo, Boolseye, Devilboo, and Paperboo.

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