Warzone Vondel map size and locations

Warzone Vondel map size and locations
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Looking for a breakdown of the Warzone Vondel map size and locations? With a new battlefield arriving for Call of Duty 4: Warzone, it’s worthwhile making yourself aware of all the key features and important intel available to give yourself the best edge in the battle royale.

Here, we’ll break down the Warzone Vondel map size and locations of interest, as well as a few other bits of key information. Once you’re comfortable with the map, why not check out the latest on Warzone 2 Buy Stations, to improve your advantage over your adversaries even further.

Warzone Vondel map size

Warzone’s new Vondel map is a medium-sized map, with its footprint partway between the size of Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. The map will be able to hold up to 18 operators for DMZ and up to 72 operators for Resurgence, two of the many Warzone 2 game modes. With a mixture of dense streets, narrow canals, large open buildings and lots of verticality, there’ll be plenty of approaches to take with this map. Exploration and creativity are certain to reward players who think tactically.

Warzone Vondel map size and locations: Map satellite overview of Vondel.

Warzone Vondel map locations

There are 17 distinct points of interest on Warzone’s Vondel map. These locales are each unique and suited for differing strategies, tactics and approaches. Let’s go over each of them in turn.


A 13th Century World Heritage Site, Vondel’s castle is located in the northeast of the map. The castle grounds cover a wide area, and beyond the main keep and baileys there’s a crypt, farm, pavilion, and several gardens on-site.

Inside the castle, you can expect cramped corridors connecting large, stately rooms, perfect for close and mid-range combat encounters. You’ll also be able to find your way to a number of good vantage points that can offer clear views of the surrounding area.

Castle only has a few land access points, most of these being bridges, so you can expect heavy resistance if you push in on foot. With water on most sides and a moat around the main keep, amphibious entry is a more advisable route.


Formerly a research centre, the three story University is an impressive modern structure. The reception is large and the atrium is open-concept, with stairs leading up and down. Surrounding the main structure is a student village which includes small shops, maintenance tunnels, and a gas station.

University is well suited for medium range combat, versatile firefights, and counterattack manoeuvres to catch unprepared enemies off-guard.

City Hall

The Greek revival, five story, city hall building is a central element of Vondel, though ironically found far to the north-west of the city centre.

Warzone Vondel map size and locations: Frontal image of City Hall.

The many windows offer good chances for mid range combat, but defenders still hold a significant advantage once they occupy the site, as it’s vast number of rooms, many ornamental features big enough to hide behind, and few entry points make it a fortress.

Central Station

The eastmost POI on the map, Central Station is now wartorn and far from delivering trains on time.

The station isn’t too difficult to access, with plenty of entry points at ground level, and a few riskier underground entrances as well. You can expect the main station to be a sniper’s dream, with large but enclosed open space making firefights difficult to sustain but easy to initiate. The main stations plaza, mezzanine, and shops offer some good loot though, if you’re on the hunt for high level gear.


The mall is a massive structure, covering two entire city blocks. Consisting of a baroque revival style building connected by walkways to outdoor, now abandoned, markets, mall is a loot heavy location. It’s open nature also makes it vulnerable to aerial ordnance strikes though, so be sure to keep on the move when visiting.

Mall can be accessed by land, but the nearby presence of canals on three sides makes an amphibious approach more ideal.

Souvenir District

An unmarked location, Souvenir District consists of three clusters of townhouses, with some buildings accessible in each. Expect fierce door-to-door fighting if you get into combat here. On the upside, the unique style and colours of many of these townhomes will help players to orient themselves quickly and easily.


The Nieuwde Stardtpoort, Dutch for New Starport is a converted mediaeval outbuilding, and centrepiece of the Vondel market, and your only refuge in the heavily damaged area. With so much of the market exposed, the Starport is the main point of refuge unless you’re moving through Market at a rapid pace.

Though the building is easy to defend, much of the real loot lies out in the wastes of the market stalls. Market is also the entry point for many of the underground tunnels that lead around the map.


The graveyard is mainly marked by a funeral parlour and crematorium. Though headstones offer limited cover, forcible assaults are likely to push back opponents or defenders into the buildings. Graveyard straddles the convergence point between southern and south-eastern POIs, and Castle, so expect fairly significant traffic in and around it.

Police Station

Caught in the crossfire between Market and Central Station, Police Station offers a substantial defensive advantage, at a cost.

This five-storey structure boasts lots of small, cramped rooms and long corridors, making for good ambushes on loot-hunters. The rooftop also offers a fantastic vantage point across much of the city centre and other POIs.

Warzone Vondel map size and locations: The interior reception of Police Station, with a van crashed through the doors.

Be aware though that Police Station is relatively isolated, accessible by land and water. Drive-by attacks, hit and runs, and similar fast, concentrated assaults can leave defenders ill-equipped to respond or counter without abandoning the location.


Another unmarked location, Courtyard consists of luxury apartments and abandoned boutiques encircling a large central plaza. This is a convenient crossing point, with the buildings offering good vantage points. It’s also an exceptionally good area for ambushes.

Fire Department

Fire Department occupies the upper half of Vondel’s south-west island. A U-shaped complex supporting boat docking, a helipad and multiple land access points, this isn’t a hard POI to get to. It’s got good potential for a stronghold, but is easy enough to escape too. Would-be defenders don’t need to worry too much about becoming trapped here.

Floating District

This POI is made up of shipping containers, small living spaces, and homes, all connected by walkways and all over the water. Access in and out of here is easy enough by both land and sea though aerial approaches may find the narrow lane layout more difficult to land on.

The number of small structures makes Floating Districts a likely hotbed for small squad firefights, and risks becoming a nightmare survival scenario if heavily populated. Enter at your own risk.


Though the animals have been evacuated, Zoo still has a lot to offer. A mixture of small and medium buildings provide good short-term cover, and the open areas of the complex allow for flexibility in firefights whether you’re on the attack or defence.

The central aquarium roof offers a special position of power however, being the tallest structure in the area and giving an excellent vantage point.

Zoo dominates the south of the map, connecting Floating District, Stadium, Courthouses, Fire Department, and more, so expect to encounter at least a few opponents if you venture here.


A roughly symmetrical setting with good cover at either end, stadium is well placed for controlled, large scale firefights between players. Long, medium and close range combat are all on the table here depending on how you approach it.

Just outside of Stadium is Windmill. While not far enough away to be a totally separate POI, it is one of the tallest structures on the map, making it a good power position to dominate the surrounding area.

Stadium is found near to the south of the map.

Cruise Terminal

Cruise Terminal is comprised of three main buildings. The first is a cubical structure containing restaurants, shops, seating and more, making it a haven for loot. The second is Maanlicht Hotel, a fairly roomy building with helipad access on the roof. The third, connecting to Stadium via a skybridge, is the Vithzey Food and Wine Eatery. This comfortable building has plenty of interior balconies and open floors, making verticality a crucial mechanic to exploit control.

Moving between the three buildings will be vital to counter snipers, and the numerous walkways makes this task a fairly straightforward one. Cruise terminal is the south-most POI on the map.


The Hayring Museum is an ornate structure, and very old. The site sports multiple gardens around it, a reservoir, a flooded crypt, a bar, and a concert stage. There’s a lot going on here, so you’ll have plenty to explore, and multiple routes in and out should you come under fire and need to fall back.

Not far from the Museum you can also find Kunstenaar District, which may sound familiar to you if you’re up to date with your Modern Warefare 2 Season 4 maps. You’ll find Museum east of Stadium and south of Police Station.


The more modern Nieux Museum is found just south of its older counterpart. It’s modelled in the fashion of a cruise liner. This isn’t a big POI, so CQB weapons are favourable if fighting inside the galleries. The location is fairly out of the way, however.

Warzone Vondel map size and locations: An exterior shot of the Nieux Museum.

That covers everything you need to know about the Warzone Vondel map size and locations. Though it isn’t the largest map, it’s still densely packed, and well suited for exploration, ambush, and mobility. If you’re excited to hop in and are new to the game, make sure to check is Warzone 2 free on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC, so you can get stuck-in playing on your preferred platform.

How big is the Vondel map in Warzone 2?

Warzone’s new Vondel map is a medium-sized map, with its footprint partway between the size of Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

How many points of interest are there on Vondal?

There are 17 distinct points of interest on Warzone’s Vondel map.