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How To Reduce Recoil in Warzone 2 & MW2

Warzone 2
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In any competitive multiplayer shooter, accuracy is King. And that’s no more true than in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

A major way of ensuring your shots are on target is to minimize your recoil – that’s the amount your gun moves when you fire.

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If you want to keep your recoil to a minimum – then check out these handy tips – and a quick explainer.

What Is Visual Recoil in Warzone 2 & MW2?

So, as mentioned – recoil is the amount your gun moves when you fire a weapon. Visual recoil, specifically, is how much the screen shakes after you fire each shot.

When firing a real gun, the force would cause your shoulder – and by extension your body – to move. To replicate this in game, developers make your crosshair move a little bit in Warzone 2.

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Generally speaking, larger and heavier weapons – such as the LMGs and Sniper Rifles – have more visual recoil, and shake your screen more when they’re shot. Conversely then, pistols and the like have less recoil and don’t shake as much.


There’s a few ways you can combat this in Warzone 2.

Adjust Your Camera Movement Setting

An easy way to reduce visual recoil in Warzone 2 is to adjust the amount of camera movement in the game’s options.

Head to the in-game settings menu, select Graphics and then head to the View tab. Then, change the value ‘1st Person Camera Movement’ to the Least value at 50%.

You can do the same for the value ‘3rd Person Camera Movement’ – though of course this will only effect you when playing in third-person game modes.

Use Recoil Dampening Attachments

It sounds obvious – but be sure to check your weapon of choice. Using the new Gunsmith function in Warzone 2, you’re able to affix more attachments than ever before.

Check the stats of these, and prioritise ones that improve ‘Aim Stability’ and ‘Recoil Control’ Typically, these include many of the stocks and grips.

We’ve taken a look at many of these – for example; here’s our picks for the best attachments & perks for the M4.

Increase Your FOV & ADS Setting

Another thing you can do is increase your FOV – this will increase the amount shown on the screen, and as a side effect also makes recoil slightly less harsh.

Once more – head into your settings, then Graphics and then find the FOV and push it up. We used 120 – but be sure your hardware can handle it on PC. And if you’re on console, make sure you can still play the game comfortably.

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Another setting you can change is the ‘Affected in the ADS Field of View’ setting, which helps keep the optical zoom close to your FOV as possible when using certain optics.

Hopefully, this advice will get you on the right track and keep your shots true. For more on Warzone 2, why not check out our guide for unlocking the M13.

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