How to get leather in V Rising guide

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✓ At a glance
  • You will use Leather throughout the early game, so better stock up and build a Tannery.
  • It takes 16 Rugged Hides to craft Leather, so make sure to hunt animals for their hides.
  • You can sometimes loot Leather from bandit camps by breaking barrels and opening chests.

Resource collection and refinement is a cornerstone of many games in the survival genre. You usually start small and progress towards more esoteric items. In V Rising, humble Leather is among the first resources you’ll encounter. Despite that, it has many applications throughout the early parts of the game.

How to unlock, get, and craft Leather

Leather is a common resource that you will first need to unlock after defeating one of the first bosses in V Rising, Keely the Frost Archer. Up until that point, you will probably have a stock of Rugged Hide from killing beasts. That is the resource you’ll need to craft Leather. Here’s how it works:

  • Return to your keep and build a Tannery (160 Rugged Hide + 8 Planks), if you haven’t already
  • Open the crafting queue and you’ll see that Leather was unlocked after defeating Keely
  • You need 16 Rugged Hide to craft 1 Leather

There are a few ways to make the process of crafting Leather easier for your vampire. For instance, enclosing the Tannery in a room provides the Confined Castle Room bonus that nets +25% speed. Similarly, having a Matching Floor bonus reduces the crafting cost by -25%. In this case, you would need Tailor’s Floor in the room housing the Tannery.

In-game map from a fantasy video game V Rising, showing marked locations like "Bandit Trapper Camp" and "Brightwater Docks," with descriptions and icons for navigation.
In-game map showing the best Leather farming locations. Captured by Videogamer

Another way to get Leather is to simply loot it from fallen enemies and their camps. The best places to look for Leather early in V Rising are the Bandit Trapper Camp and Brighthaven Docks.

How to beat Keely the Frost Archer

✓ Pro tip

Keely likes to teleport and kite, so it’s easier to clear out the camp around her before engaging.

Although Keely is one of the first bosses you’ll encounter, she represents a decent gear and tactics check for your vampire. It’s not a hard fight, especially if you start well prepared. Here are some pointers:

  • Keely resides in Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods. She is gear level 20 boss, so aim to be around gear level 17 or higher.
  • To make the fight far easier, clear out the camp around Keely while she patrols. That way, her teleports and kiting won’t get you in trouble.
  • Don’t initiate the fight during the day. The camp’s area is very open and it can be difficult to find shade while avoiding attacks.
  • Keely often fires a triple arrow shot. Dodge out of the way – if it hits, you can get frozen.
  • Similarly, she uses an arrow barrage that falls from the sky 10 times with a chance to freeze. You will know this is coming when she shouts “Freeze!”.
  • Try to get behind Keely whenever you can. Spear with the Rogue blood essence buff is an ideal combo. Don’t forget to use Shadowbolt on cooldown.
A night scene in V Rising showing a character in a medieval village with cages, barrels, and a fading light, with an on-screen HUD displaying health, abilities, and objectives.
Moments before an encounter with Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising. Captured by Videogamer

Clearing Keely and her minions will let you loot the Bandit Trapper Camp. You’re likely to find Leather, Coarse Thread, and other goodies.

What is Leather used for

A screenshot from V Rising showing a player's inventory screen and an open container with Leather and other items.
Leather can also be looted from containers in bandit camps. Captured by Videogamer

Leather is used to craft a wide variety of recipes in V Rising, including items, clothing, and castle furniture. Most of them fall into the early game category, with advanced types of Leather, like Thick Leather and Pristine Leather, taking over as you progress. You will also need 12 Leather to upgrade your Castle Heart. With regular Leather, you can make:

  • 5 Empty Waterskins: 16 Leather + 40 Plant Fibre
  • Leather Bag: 8 Leather + 8 Coarse Thread
  • Silver Thread Bad: 12 Leather + 4 Wool Thread + 8 Silver Coins
  • Cloth: 4 Leather + 12 Plant Fibre
  • Nightstalker Vest: 6 Leather + 4 Coarse Thread
  • Nightstalker Leggings: 6 Leather + 4 Coarse Thread
  • Nightstalker Gloves: 6 Leather + 4 Coarse Thread
  • Nightstalker Boots: 6 Leather + 4 Coarse Thread
  • Merciless Nightstalker Vest: 4 Leather + Nightstalker Vest + 4 Coarse Thread + 8 Copper Ingots
  • Merciless Nightstalker Leggings: 4 Leather + Nightstalker Leggings + 4 Coarse Thread + 8 Copper Ingots
  • Merciless Nightstalker Gloves: 4 Leather + Nightstalker Gloves + 4 Coarse Thread + 8 Copper Ingots
  • Merciless Nightstalker Boots: 4 Leather + Nightstalker Boots + 4 Coarse Thread + 8 Copper Ingots
  • Merciless Copper Sword: 4 Leather + Copper Sword + 2 Crude Sapphire + 8 Whetstone
  • Merciless Copper Axes: 4 Leather + Copper Axes + 2 Crude Ruby + 8 Whetstone
  • Merciless Copper Mace: 4 Leather + Copper Mace + 2 Crude Topaz + 8 Whetstone
  • Merciless Copper Spear: 4 Leather + Copper Spear + 2 Crude Emerald + 8 Whetstone
  • Merciless Copper Crossbow: 4 Leather + Copper Sword + 2 Gem Dust + 8 Whetstone
  • Traveller’s Wrap: 4 Leather + 3 Cloth
  • Copper Castle Key: 60 Leather + 240 Stone + 80 Copper + 4 Greater Blood Essences
  • Omen Chair: 4 Leather + 2 Iron Ingots
  • Nocturne Chair: 4 Leather + 2 Iron Ingots
  • Distinguished Chair: 4 Leather + 1 Gold Jewelry

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