How to get and use stone bricks in V Rising

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✓ At a glance
  • Prepare to mine a lot of Stone to make Stone Bricks. It takes 12 Stones to make 1 Stone Brick and 1 Stone Dust at the Grinder over 20 seconds.
  • You will get access to Stone as soon as you leave the crypt at the beginning of the game.
  • Stone Bricks will be the main building block for most of your castle structures, so keep up the production.

If you dream about building a grandiose gothic castle for your vampire in V Rising, you’re going to need Stone Bricks. Lots of them. Fortunately, stone is abundant in many areas, but be prepared to farm and grind a lot of it. Setting up a steady supply of Stone Bricks will help you build up a magnificent castle, decked with decorations and plenty of rooms to house your production. 

How to unlock and craft Stone Bricks

How to get Stone and build a Grinder

To make a Stone Brick, you will need to put 12 Stones into the Grinder. It takes 20 seconds to produce 1 Stone Brick from a single input. This process also creates one Stone Dust as well, which you can use in other recipes.

To get the Stones you need, you will first need to farm them. Head out into the world and look for stone nodes. Then, hit them with your Mace to farm up Stone. Next, you will need to unlock the Grinder to be able to turn Stones into Stone Bricks.

A character in V Rising, gathering resources in a forested area. The character uses a Mace to farm Stone.
Be prepared to bash a lot of stone nodes with your Mace. Captured by VideoGamer

Fortunately, Grinder is an early unlock through a quest called “Fortify”. Completing this quest is easy and pretty straightforward. You have to place 3 Floors of any kind and build 3 Palisades. You should have the resources to do that already, but if not, head out and chop some wood and mine some stone. 

However, to build a Grinder, you will need to progress a little further in the questline. That is because you’ll need 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Whetstones to make one. To get some of those resources, you’ll need to complete the next quest “Shelter”.

How to make Stone Bricks

After building a Grinder, you’re ready to make Stone Bricks. Interact with it by pressing F when standing near it, then put a stack of Stone into the input box or right-click a stack in your inventory. For every 12 Stones in the stack, you will get 1 Stone Brick and 1 Stone Dust every 20 seconds.

In V Rising, the character interface displays inventory items, crafting options, and character stats on the left. On the right is a Grinder interface essential for processing materials like Stone Bricks with input and output slots.
Using a couple of Grinders doubles Stone Brick production. Captured by VideoGamer

Remember that you can optimize crafting in V Rising, and that works for Stone Bricks too. If you place a Grinder in a confined castle room, it will get a +25% speed bonus. Next, build a Workshop Floor in the same room for a -25% material cost discount.

✓ Pro tip

You will need a lot of Stone Bricks for your projects. To speed up the process, build multiple Grinders to save time.

That’s not all. Later in the game, after beating Domina the Blade Dancer, you will get access to Advanced Grinder. Optimizing it with room and floor requirements will net you a +250% speed increase. This means that you’ll be getting a Stone Brick every 5 seconds for only 9 Stones.

What are Stone Bricks used for?

Stone Bricks will be a major resource throughout the game. While you’ll have access to it from early on, you’re likely to be using it in your builds until the end. Stone Blocks are most commonly used to build various castle structures and decorations, as well as in a few select recipes. Here’s everything you will build out of Stone Bricks in V Rising:

Stone Body4 Stone Bricks + 12 Clay
Copper Castle Key240 Stone Bricks + 80 Copper Ingots + 4 Greater Blood Essence + 60 Leather
Stone Coffin12 Stone Bricks + 4 Grave Dust + 2 Crude Amethysts
Royal Coffin12 Stone Bricks + 4 Grave Dust + 2 Crude Amethysts
Plague Chemist’s Casket12 Stone Bricks + 4 Grave Dust + 2 Crude Amethysts
Gem Cutting Table24 Stone Bricks + 12 Iron Ingots + 60 Gem Dust
Castle Throne24 Stone Bricks + 16 Iron Ingots + 4 Greater Blood Essences
Castle Flooring4 Stone Bricks
Forge Flooring2 Stone Bricks + 2 Copper Ingots
Alchemy Lab Flooring4 Stone Bricks + 2 Sulphur
Jeweller’s Chamber Flooring4 Stone Bricks + 2 Gem Dust
Prison Flooring4 Stone Bricks + 2 Iron Ingots
Crypt Flooring4 Stone Bricks + 2 Grave Dust
Castle Waygate12 Stone Bricks + 100 Blood Essence + 20 Gem Dust + 4 Grave Dust
Red Castle Teleporter8 Stone Bricks + 4 Greater Blood Essences
Yellow Castle Teleporter8 Stone Bricks + 4 Radium Alloys
Blue Castle Teleporter8 Stone Bricks + 4 Power Cores
Castle Wall8 Stone Bricks + 6 Planks
Castle Window Wall8 Stone Bricks + 6 Planks
Castle Entrance8 Stone Bricks + 6 Planks
Castle Pillar1 Stone Brick
Castle Gate6 Stone Bricks + 12 Planks
Castle Gate – Servant Lock6 Stone Bricks + 12 Planks
Plain Stone Walls2 Stone Bricks + 4 Stone Dust
Elegance Stone Walls2 Stone Bricks + 4 Stone Dust
Ebonite Stone Walls2 Stone Bricks + 4 Stone Dust
Prison Walls2 Stone Bricks + 4 Stone Dust
Nocturne Gargoyle2 Stone Bricks
Nocturne Wing2 Stone Bricks
Corax Wing2 Stone Bricks
Cobblestones4 Stone Bricks
Garden Cobblestone Paving4 Stone Bricks
Stone Stairs16 Stone Bricks
Water Well20 Stone Bricks

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