How to get and use planks in V Rising

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✓ At a glance
  • You will get access to Planks very early in V Rising and will be using them throughout the game.
  • It takes 20 Wood to make 1 Plank when you start out, with other types of wood becoming more efficient as you progress.
  • Planks are used in a large variety of recipes, so always make sure to have some on hand.

V Rising offers players a chance to live out their vampire dreams, even building a magnificent castle to rule from. But you start out with modest means, with simple materials like wood, stone, and hides. With patience and perseverance, each can be refined into more complex versions of them. In V Rising, you will need to get tons of Planks in almost every aspect of the game. From various early recipes to grand castle structures, nearly everything in the game will require some amount of Planks.

How to unlock and craft Planks

Initially, it takes 20 Wood to get 1 Plank in V Rising. Fortunately, wood is plentiful and all around you in the game’s world. You will use it for shade during the day, for cover when enemies are firing at you, and most importantly, you will harvest it to make Planks. There are several types of wood that you can gather, with each of them providing Planks when refined, along with one more residual material.

Player character in a dark forest setting, chopping a tall tree with a sword to collect wood (+62 Wood) and craft planks. The game interface displays health and skill icons at the bottom, with a mini-map in the top right. For more details on how to use planks, check out the V Rising guide.
Prepare to chop down a lot of trees during the game. Captured by VideoGamer

Thankfully, you don’t have to unlock a recipe to make Planks. All you need to do is unlock the Sawmill, which you can do by completing the main quest “Shelter”. To do that, you’ll need to set up a basic base by placing a Wooden Coffin, Small Stash, and Mist Brazier.

Then, build a Sawmill in your base – it takes 400 Wood and 80 Stones to build one. After that, interact with the Sawmill by pressing F near it and input Wood of any kind to start producing Planks. Check our full list of recipes used to make Planks:

  • 20 Wood: 1 Plank + 1 Sawdust (20s crafting time)
  • 40 Hallow Wood: 4 Planks + 1 Oil (60s crafting time)
  • 40 Gloom Wood: 4 Planks + 2 Mutant Grease (60s crafting time)
  • 40 Cursed Wood: 4 Planks + 2 Ghost Shrooms (60s crafting time)
✓ Pro tip
  • When you’re able, set up multiple Sawmills to increase your Plank production.

Remember that you can improve the efficiency of your Sawmills by using your castle’s walls and floors. Placing the Sawmill in a confined castle room increases work speed by +25%. In addition, placing it in a room with Workshop Floors reduces the material input cost by -25%.

Screenshot of a character in V Rising accessing a sawmill. The interface shows character stats, inventory, and sawmill input-output options for crafting planks. The character holds a glowing purple object.
Wood goes in, wait, and Planks come out. Captured by VideoGamer

What are Planks used for

You will be using Planks for a huge amount of buildings and recipes in V Rising, similar to other resources like Leather and Stone Bricks. Planks are relevant already during the early game, and all the way to the end. For that reason, it’s a good idea to always have your Sawmills running and churning out Planks, even if you think you’ve got enough. Here’s everything that you will have to use Planks for:

Reinforced Plank4 Planks + 4 Iron Ingots
Painting Frame4 Planks
Sculptured Wood4 Planks
Reinforced Bone Sword4 Planks + Bone Sword + 120 Stone
Reinforced Bone Axes4 Planks + Bone Axes + 120 Stone
Reinforced Bone Mace4 Planks + Bone Mace + 120 Stone
Reinforced Bone Spear4 Planks + Bone Spear + 120 Stone
Copper Sword12 Planks + 16 Copper Ingots
Copper Axes12 Planks + 16 Copper Ingots
Copper Mace12 Planks + 16 Copper Ingots
Copper Spear12 Planks + 16 Copper Ingots
Copper Crossbow12 Planks + 16 Copper Ingots
Iron Sword12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Axes12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Mace12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Spear12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Reaper12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Slashers12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Crossbow12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Greatsword12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Iron Pistols12 Planks + 16 Iron Ingots
Fishing Pole8 Planks + 4 Copper Ingots + 4 Coarse Thread
Minor Explosive Box8 Planks + 8 Sulphur + 4 Whetstones
Wooden Stairs6 Planks
Simple Workbench8 Planks + 80 Stones + 120 Rugged Hide
Woodworking Bench12 Planks + 60 Rugged Hide
Alchemy Table16 Planks + 100 Blood Essence + 12 Sulphur
Tailoring Bench40 Planks + 200 Blood Essence + 28 Cotton Yarns
Blood Press12 Planks + 120 Stones
Tannery8 Planks + 160 Rugged Hide
The Devouerer12 Planks + 6 Copper Ingots
Grinder8 Planks + 4 Copper Ingots + 4 Whetstones
Loom20 Planks + 12 Copper Ingots + 4 Wool Thread
Paper Press12 Planks + 12 Copper Ingots
Research Desk8 Planks + 120 Rugged Hide + 80 Stones
Study40 Planks + 40 Papers + 8 Copper Ingots + 8 Grave Dust
Servant Coffin16 Planks + 8 Copper Ingots + 1 Greater Blood Essence
Big Stash6 Planks + 2 Copper Ingots
Omen Slim Bookcase8 Planks + 8 Copper Ingots
Distinguished Slim Bookcase8 Planks + 8 Copper Ingots
Omen Wardrobe8 Planks + 8 Iron Ingots
Distinguished Wardrobe8 Planks + 8 Iron Ingots
Ambrosia Slim Blood Case8 Planks + 4 Glass
Vampire Lockbox8 Planks
Workshop Flooring4 Planks
Tailor’s Flooring4 Planks + 2 Cloth
Library Flooring4 Planks
Castle Wall6 Planks + 8 Stone Bricks
Castle Window Wall6 Planks + 8 Stone Bricks
Castle Entrance6 Planks + 8 Stone Bricks
Castle Gate12 Planks + 6 Stone Bricks
Castle Gate – Servant Lock12 Planks + 6 Stone Bricks
Wooden Window Hatches4 Planks
Workshop Walls4 Planks
Hearth Wall Panels4 Planks
Cordial Wall Panels4 Planks

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