The Thaumaturge tips and tricks – 5 tips to exploring Warsaw

The Thaumaturge tips and tricks – 5 tips to exploring Warsaw

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Looking for some The Thaumaturge tips and tricks to help you get started with the game? There’s plenty going on in The Thaumaturge, and getting the hang of all the mechanics can be pretty daunting. So we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you win more fights, get more XP, and more.

Be sure to check out our The Thaumaturge review for a look at our thoughts on the game. And if you want to know how to level up fast in The Thaumaturge, we’ve got a guide for that too. For now though, let’s take a look at our top The Thaumaturge tips and tricks to get you started.

The Thaumaturge tips and tricks: Wiktor talking to his sister Ligia.
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The Thaumaturge tips and tricks

Our tips range from how best to approach your upgrades and combat, to what you should be doing while you’re out exploring the world. Here are out 5 best tips and tricks to help you get started in The Thaumaturge:

Spread your upgrades from the start

When you first start playing, you only have a couple of Salutors, so you might think that you should only put your skill points into upgrading those, but you should spread your upgrades equally. Even if you don’t have the other Salutors yet, your upgrades will still give you skills to use, and will let you learn more from the objects you investigate too.

Spreading your upgrades will give you a rounded build, which will help you be more versatile in combat, and better at finding out information during missions – don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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Disable enemy traits

In combat, every enemy has a trait which can give them unique abilities like extra damage, better defence, and even healing. When you have a particular enemy selected, open up your Salutor menu, and you’ll see which Salutor is effective against them. Hitting an attack with your Salutor can disable the trait, making your enemies much easier to defeat.

Interact with everything

Wherever you go, there are things and NPC to interact with. Not only do these give you a little information about Warsaw and Polish culture, but each one will give you a little XP too. It might not seem like much, but it quickly adds up and can net you some easy levels without having to go out of your way.

The Thaumaturge tips and tricks: Wiktor standing next to a horse and carriage on the street.
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Don’t ignore side quests

Once you get to Warsaw, you’ll start having the opportunity to do some side quests – don’t ignore them. They’re all fairly short and boast some pretty hefty XP rewards, so are worth doing for that alone. For side quests involving recurring NPCs, this is even more important, as helping them out can affect your story going forward, and can pay off later down the line.

Take enemies down one by one

It might be tempting to try and set up in combat to take all your enemies down at once, but especially later on in the game, you can very easily get caught out by doing this. Every enemy you defeat means one more that can’t hurt you, so focus on getting a couple out of the fight as early as you can.