How to level up fast in The Thaumaturge – best ways to get XP

How to level up fast in The Thaumaturge – best ways to get XP

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Want some tips on how to level up fast in The Thaumaturge? The more you level up in The Thaumaturge, the more you’re able to upgrade your skills, making you and your salutors stronger in combat, and letting you perceive things around you better. So if you want to level up faster in The Thaumaturge, here are all the ways you can do just that.

Be sure to check out our The Thaumaturge review for a look at what we made of the game. And if you’re looking for some helpful The Thaumaturge tips and tricks to help you get started, we’ve got some of those for you too. For now though, let’s take a look at how to level up fast in The Thaumaturge.

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How to level up fast in The Thaumaturge

Here are the best ways to get fast levels in The Thaumaturge, from our top method to one that won’t help you level up as fast, but will help massively in the long run:

Completing side quests

Once you reach a certain point in the story, you’ll start to receive some side quests. These will be fairly short endeavours that see you helping out a particular character with a couple of issues they might be having. Completing these is often fairly simple, and will reward you with a lot of XP at the end, netting you a couple of levels before you head off to the next main mission.

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Fighting enemies

One great consequence of side quests is that you’ll have more chances to fight enemies. Often, you can avoid combat by simply choosing the right dialogue options, but you should instead feed your Pride and engage in as many as possible. Most fights outside the main story are fairly easy to complete, and give you a decent amount of XP for winning, so seek out some violence where you can!

Exploring and interacting

In every part of the game, you’ll see little diamond markings above certain objects, as well as sparkling red dust that marks things you can perceive. Interacting with each of these will give you some information, as well as a little bit of XP. The same can be said for talking to certain NPCs you pass by. 

Each interaction only provides a fairly small amount of XP, but with so many that you’ll pass by in every area you visit, interacting with each one you pass doesn’t take too much time, and you’ll find those XP gains start to very quickly add up. It can also be a fast way to get that next level if you’re already nearly there.

That’s everything you need to know about how to level up fast in The Thaumaturge. If you’re after some more guides, we have plenty more to choose from, so check them out!