The Finals ranks – Ranked Tournament and leaderboards in Season 3

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✓ At a glance
  • Unlock the Ranked Tournament by playing 50 unranked matches.
  • Win matches to improve your Rank Score. This starts with Bronze and goes to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Ruby.
  • There are four sub-leagues per league (except for Ruby). For example, Bronze has Bronze 1, Bronze 2, etc.
  • At the end of a Season, you will earn Ranked Tournament rewards based on your final rank.

The Finals from Embark Studios offers players a ranked ladder to climb along with teammates and foes as you experiment with its destructive gadgets and weapons. While knockout rounds and limited revives can take a while to get used to, this makes matches even more competitive. The top performers will earn exclusive rewards and bragging rights to show off in-game. Here’s what you need to know about how to earn these ranks each Season.

How to rank up

You need to play 50 unranked rounds to unlock the Ranked Tournament. After unlocking the Ranked Tournament, improve your skill rating by winning matches to level up your rank in The Finals. You play eight placement matches that will place you between Bronze and Gold. The fame points (FP) system from Season 1 is no longer in the game. It’s been replaced with a brand-new Rank Score system in Season 3. And while the match requirement can seem absurd, this hasn’t stopped players from climbing leaderboards. Start with the regular unranked Tournament mode to get an idea of what to expect.

A player checks out the Ranked ladder in The Finals.
Rank up by performing well in Ranked matches. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How does the Ranked Tournament work in Season 3

Ranked Tournaments pit 24 players against each other in teams of three, leading to 8 teams duking it out for glory. There are two Knockout Rounds where only the top two (out of four) teams make it through. Secure cash by defeating players and depositing vaults at Cashout stations. Foes can also capture or steal cash boxes during cashouts. Win three matches and you’ll face the final opposing team in the Final Round. Succeed and you will be crowned the winner of the Ranked Tournament.

As you win matches, you now earn Rank Score (RS) which decides which league you will sit in. Your league progress will start after your first eight Ranked Tournament placement matches. Here’s what determines your Rank Score:

  • Rounds won or lost
  • Team Rank Score difference
  • Your Rank Score relative to other players
  • Your individual performance

Why is Terminal Attack the only Ranked mode

While previous Seasons included the Cashout mode, Season 3 reserves it for its new World Tour series. Instead, players will face off in its Terminal Attack game mode. It’s been made the standard mode as it distils the game’s competitive chaos with some severe restraints. With limited healing and gadget uses in addition to no revives, every decision can influence the direction of a match.

Season 3’s new text comms feature will let you coordinate with teammates without a mic. It can get pretty frustrating, especially if you aren’t playing with friends. Spend a good amount of time in the regular modes before trying this out. This is currently the only way to improve your league rank as standard XP and Career rank progress will not influence this. The developers also noted that “One change we’re going to make in Update 2.6 is to reduce the duration of the seasonal ranked journey, which will allow players to reach their actual skill tier in the league system sooner than before.” This will hopefully translate into a fair experience in Season 3.

✓ Antony’s tip

Bank It matches are less chaotic and count towards unlocking ranked mode

While the other modes are just as fun, players who don’t want to stress over confirming kills and a focus on combat can stick to the first Bank It mode.

League and sub-league ranks in Season 3

Here are all the league ranks and what Rank Score you need for them:

  • Bronze (4-1): 0 – 9,999 RS
  • Silver (4-1): 10,000 – 19,999 RS
  • Gold (4-1): 20,000 – 29,999 RS
  • Platinum (4-1): 30,000 – 49,999 RS
  • Diamond (4-1): 50,000 RS and above
  • Ruby: Top 500 players

While The Finals has Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Ruby leagues, it has sub-leagues too. Note that while losing the first knockout round in a Tournament will lower your FP, it won’t drop you out of the league. You might drop from Silver 3 to Silver 4, but not to Bronze. But you can drop out of Ruby since it only features the top 500 players.

A player checks out the Ranked rewards in The Finals.
Here’s what you can earn by being the very best. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Are the Ranked Tournament rewards worth it?

Here are all the Season 3 rewards for the Ranked Tournament:

  • Bronze: Badge
  • Silver: Badge and Weapon Charm
  • Gold: Golden M11 skin
  • Platinum: Platinum Dual Blades skin
  • Diamond: Diamond Lewis Gun skin
  • Ruby: Ruby AKM

Finishing a season at a particular league will net you weapon skins, charms, and other cosmetics. The Ruby league offers an exclusive Ruby weapon skin for the top 500 players. Just like games like Valorant, Warzone, and Overwatch, ranks can show casual players the effort you’ve invested in the game. These serve as bragging rights before the next season comes around. You can check the League tab in the main menu for a look at the Tournament leaderboard on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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