Starfield Unity – how to find the scorpion’s sting on Hyla II

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Struggling to find the scorpion’s sting in Starfield? The Unity quest takes you to the barren, scorpion-infested Hyla II in search of The Pilgrim’s secrets. The quest guides you to a monument that bears a resemblance to the stingy creatures that call the planet home. It also features a glyph and a map that appears to depict a constellation.

With a pretty cryptic brief that read ‘find the scorpion’s sting on Hyla II’, you’re left to crack the puzzle yourself. We’ll walk you through what’s needed to unearth the next step in The Pilgrim’s cosmos-spanning riddle. To get ready for the journey ahead, check out the Starfield powers list and make sure you learn how to change home in Starfield.

Starfield scorpion's sting: scorpion's sting on Hyla II monument constellation.

Solving the Starfield scorpion’s sting puzzle

On the floor at the foot of the monument is a large disc that shows a set of stars with a line running through all of them. The stars and line roughly resemble the scorpions on Hyla II – a stick figure version. You can get a big clue from looking at the scorpion’s loitering near the monument. 

The idea here is to use the glyph to guide the beam of light coming from the top of the monument to the scorpion’s sting on the constellation. The exact point is to the left and on the dot where the line ends. Check the image above for the exact spot.

Starfield scorpion's sting: glyph controls at the monument on Hyla II.

You can control the light with the glyph. It features four rings, each denoting a direction. Interact with the top one and you’ll move the light up. Interact with the right hand one and you’ll move the light beam right, and so on. Guide the light beam to the sting to continue the quest and unlock a set of coordinates on the last star of the Scorpius constellation – Oborum Prime.

That covers how to find the scorpion’s sting in Starfield. If you’re after more help with puzzles, check out the Starfield Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution. Otherwise, learn how to persuade Frank Yilmaz in the Starfield Overdesign quest and how to persuade Natan Ovadia in the Starfield Runaway quest.

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