How to get Starfield Peacekeeper rifle

How to get Starfield Peacekeeper rifle
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The Starfield Peacekeeper rifle is one of the best weapons in the game, with high damage and a great fire rate, but what makes it really shine is the potential weapon mods it can have. With this in your inventory, you should have no trouble taking down even the toughest of Spacers and Starborn alike. All it takes to unlock it is completing just one of Starfield’s many side quests, so we’re here to put you on the right path.

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Starfield Peacekeeper: The Peacekeeper rifle in the inventory menu.

Starfield Peacekeeper stats

The stats of the Peacekeeper can vary slightly depending on your progress in the game. In our playthrough, we got the Peacekeeper during our Starfield new game plus, and it had a physical damage of 30. However, we’ve seen many players get it during their first playthrough with powers ranging from 15-20. Essentially, the further you are in the game, the more powerful it will be.

It has a fire rate of 112, a range of 41, and an accuracy of 72.2%. This damage is huge compared to other rifles with a fast fire rate, and its accuracy easily makes it one of the best weapons available in the game. It has a clip size of 50, and uses readily available 11mm Caseless ammunition. 

The Peacemaker also comes with five weapon modifiers already attached to it. The Peacekeeper weapon mods are:

  • Extended Magazine – Doubles the base magazine capacity
  • Long Barrel – Increases Accuracy, Recoil Control, and Range at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed
  • Laser Sight – Laser Sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase Accuracy
  • Reflex Sight – Reflex Sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility
  • Ergonomic Stock – A comfortable grip that helps increase Accuracy and Aim Down Sights Speed

You can further boost the power of the Peacekeeper by investing some skill points into the Ballistics and Rifle Certification skills, as any increase to those skills will in turn increase the stats of the Peacekeeper when equipped.

Starfield Peacekeeper: The player killing Spacers during the Groundpounder side mission.

How to get the Peacekeeper rifle in Starfield

To get the Peacekeeper rifle, you have to complete the Groundpounder side mission. This mission begins when you first visit the Aranae system, where a nearby freighter will alert you to a distress call they received from one Private Mahoney in the Altair system. If you show any interest in taking this quest on, you’ll receive the mission in your mission log. Alternatively, you can head to Altair yourself, where you’ll hear the very same distress call.

This quest sees you helping out a research station on the planet Altair II which has been taken over by Spacers. After defeating all of the spacers in several different locations both on Altair II and in orbit around it, you can talk to Captain Myeong to complete the mission, receiving 5000 credits, 330 XP, and of course, the Peacekeeper rifle as your reward.

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