Starfield Breaking the Bank quest guide – should you kill Larry Dumbrosky?

Starfield Breaking the Bank quest guide – should you kill Larry Dumbrosky?
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The Starfield Breaking the Bank quest is your first major opportunity to showcase your talents to the Crimson Fleet and begin making your way up the ranks. Not only have you got an objective from Delgado, but you have a second, optional objective to complete as well. Luckily, we’re here to talk you through the whole quest, so you can get everything finished.

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Starfield Breaking the Bank: The player talking to Evgeny Rokov.

Breaking the Bank walkthrough

Once you’ve debriefed with Commander Kibwe of UC SysDef, head back to The Key to receive your next mission for the Crimson Fleet. Delgado will task you with boarding the Siren of the Stars to extort a man called Larry Dumbrosky, while Naeva will give you the optional task of stealing the Earth Savior Award. With your missions assigned, head to the Aranae system and dock with the Siren of the Stars, where you’ll meet your man on the inside – Evgeny Rokov.

Our guide will go through both how to complete both objectives, but be aware that you must steal the Earth Savior Award first, as you may be unable to retrieve it later.

Starfield Breaking the Bank: The player talking to Sheila Holbrook.

Stealing the Earth Savior Award

Once you’re on board the Siren of the Stars, follow your quest marker to a woman named Sheila Holbrook, the head of the awards committee. Ask her about the award, and she will reveal that it’s locked in a safe and guarded by the purser. Head into the next room and speak to Chief Purser Murata who will tell you that the safe requires an access code to open.

Head back to Holbrook and use Persuasion to try and get the code out of her. If you don’t have a high Persuasion skill, simply quicksave and try again if you fail. She’ll decide that it’s not worth getting involved with all this for the sake of the Award, and will give you the code. Head to the purser’s safe and take the Award, and bring it to Naeva to receive 6000 credits, or sell it yourself to the Trade Authority for 9000 credits.

Starfield Breaking the Bank: Asking one of the patrons about Larry Dumbrosky.

Getting to Larry Dumbrosky

Once you enter the party in the Starview Ballroom on the Siren of the Stars, start asking the guests about Larry Dumbrosky to learn that he’s not a very well-liked man. Eventually, someone will tell you to talk to Klaudia Swist, Larry’s mistress. To get information out of her, you can either pay her 2500 credits or use Persuasion. Either way, she’ll tell you to seek out a man called Gabriel Vera.

Starfield Breaking the Bank: Interrogating Klaudia Swist

Gabriel knows you’re up to something and effectively tells you to get lost, so Rokov comes up with a plan to isolate him by triggering an emergency lockdown. Follow your quest marker downstairs to the engineering deck and speak to a man named Sandin. Tell him you need him to leave, and bring up his gambling debt if he refuses. Once alone, interact with all the switches to disable the life support system and trigger a shipwide emergency.

Starfield Breaking the Bank: Gabriel Vega sat down in his room.

Head to Gabriel Vera’s cabin and try and get the info out of him. You can threaten him as a Crimson Fleet member, mention your affiliation with SysDef, or bribe him. Do not kill him, as he provides you with a crucial piece of information that will make things much easier later on.

Starfield Breaking the Bank: Larry sitting in a chair.

Should you kill Larry Dumbrovsky?

With Gabriel’s information, you can head to Larry Dumbrovsky’s room to finally confront the man himself. You can obtain his GalBank Credentials either through negotiating with him, or by killing him and looting them from his corpse.

Here is the outcome of each option:

Negotiating with Larry

This is the easier option. Larry would much rather stay alive, and is fairly easy to talk into giving you his credentials. This has several advantages, as you avoid having to fight any of the security guards on board the ship, and UC SysDef will be pleased that you avoided any unnecessary bloodshed. Depending on your dialogue options, your companion may also be pleased with your choices.

Killing Larry

If you kill Larry and loot the credentials from him, you will immediately receive a high bounty for murder. Additionally, all of the guards on board the ship will become hostile, and begin attacking you, making it much more difficult to leave, as well as UC SysDef being angry at you. Additionally, your active companion will dislike your actions.

As you can probably tell, it is much better to negotiate with Larry rather than killing him, and this is what we would recommend.

With your objectives complete, chat with Rokov, who will ask you to put in a good word for him with Delgado. This has no real impact on the game, but we chose to anyway as Rokov seems like a nice guy.

Infiltrating GalBank

With the information in hand, head to New Atlantis and enter the GalBank in the Commercial District. Talk to the guard, who will let you know that he’s being held hostage by a group of Ecliptic Mercenaries who are waiting inside the GalBank Archives to ambush you. Defeat the Ecliptic ambush and use the GalBank computer to get the information you needed about Legacy and the Supremacy. Head back to the key and report to Delgado, before debriefing once more with Commander Ikande on the UC Vigilance to finish the quest.

That’s everything you need to do to complete both objectives of the Starfield Breaking the Bank quest. If you want to keep going with the Crimson Fleet questline, our Starfield Absolute Power guide will help you out. But if you want to give the Fleet a break, the Starfield Delivering Devils and Starfield Operation Starseed quests are great ones to take on as well.