Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement walkthrough
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Getting through the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement can be a struggle, because there are three consecutive puzzles that the game doesn’t do a great job of explaining. The section begins when you glide in while hanging from a Relter, before being tackled out of the air by Korej Lim.

So if you’re struggling with the Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement section, worry not. However, you will also need our guide to the Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma puzzle, which comes later down the line, but is equally, if not even more confusing. We’ve also got the lowdown on the Jedi Survivor Alignment Control Center, which doesn’t reveal its secrets until much later down the line.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal stood in front of the wall to climb up.

How to complete the Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement

Once you defeat Korej Lim and Caij shows her face, during the objective to research Tanalorr on Koboh, you’re faced with a room containing an empty orb coupler and a Force Echo. The thing is, it’s a red herring – pay attention to your surroundings outside the room and you’ll notice you can wall jump up the side of the building next to the entrance.

Dispose of the Gorocco at the top, ignore the green forcefield, then head towards the end of the broken bridge to find a Relter. Fly to the next section of broken bridge, then grapple up to the ledge and climb on top. You’ll spot an Imperial ship fly in to a building in the distance – ignore that and the nearby orb coupler for now. Jump across the gap to your right and enter the gap in the cliff to face off against a BX Droid. This is where the first proper puzzle begins.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal stood in front of the pole he needs to push with the Force to move the orb coupler.

Devastated Settlement puzzle one

In one half of the room is a pole, which you can push and pull with the force. Push it as much as possible until the orb coupler in the other room, through the gap in the wall, slides along the rails and destroys the Koboh matter in the raised gap between the two sections of the room.

Head through the gap into the next section of the room, pull the cube down from the ledge, then climb on top of it and grab the Force Echo. You can now also pick up the orb and throw it at the orb coupler attached to the wall where you just destroyed the Koboh matter. Squeeze back through the gap in the wall and pick the orb back up, then take it back to that orb coupler on the ledge above the meditation point.

Interact with the orb coupler and point the beam at the blocked air vent, then hop down and use the next Relter to soar away and up to the next puzzle, which is in the far right corner. Note that you can drop from the Relter before taking the air vent to land on the middle island, which has a few small enemies and a shortcut to unlock.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal pulling the broken wall with the Force, with the L2 button prompt on screen.

Devastated Settlement puzzle two

Head inside the next room to find two B1 Droids having a natter – deflect their bolts back at them to dispose of them, then jump onto the platform and let it fall to the room below. Deal with the Gorocco, then use the Force to pull the rocks out of the wall. Grab the orb in the coupler firing the beam and throw it inside the hole in the wall. This reveals a secret hole in the wall with water pouring in – climb up and through.

In here, there’s just one machine to interact with at the back of the room. This will unlock the BD-1 Koboh Grinder, which sprays Koboh matter wherever you aim. Since the beams from the orbs melt Koboh matter, you can use this to destroy patches blocking your path. Aim at the end of the beam against the wall, then create a path of Koboh matter to the patch below the waterfall where you entered. This will allow you to wall jump back up. You can also grab a Datadisc by destroying the patch at the opposite end of the room.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal using the Koboh Grinder to create a trail of matter.

Back in the bigger room now, make sure the orb is moved from the coupler next to the waterfall to the one inside the torn down wall. Use the Koboh Grinder to spray matter both left and right from the beam – left will net you another Datadisc, while right will free up another wall for you to jump up. Grab the Force Essence and Force Echo at the top, then turn around and face the orb in the coupler on the floor below.

Use the Force to pull it towards you and place it in the coupler attached to the wall, above where you’ll wall run to the exit. Leave the way you entered with the orb in tow, place it in the coupler, destroy the Koboh matter above the next air vent, and voila! Use the next Relter to glide to the third and final puzzle to the right.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal at the entrance to the third puzzle, fighting two Bedlam Raiders.

Devastated Settlement puzzle three

Ready yourself when you land, because there are two Bedlam Raiders and a few beasties waiting for you. Once you’ve dealt with them, grab the Force Echo to the far left, then squeeze through the gap in the wall that will take you inside the structure. There’s a Bedlam Raider on your left – deal with them, then use Force Pull to grab the cube lodged in the wall above where the Raider was standing.

Go round the corner and you’ll find an orb in a coupler behind some bars. Taking it out forces the main doorway to close. So to get the orb out of this room, while the door is open, position the huge cube in the doorway, then you can take the orb out and the cube will hold the door open.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement: Cal running past the cube which is blocking the beam from the orb coupler.

Place the orb in the coupler in the next room, then pull the cube from beneath the door and place it in front of the beam. Fire the Koboh Grinder and create a path to destroy the patch of Koboh matter covering the exit beneath the waterfall. Before you take the orb and place it in the coupler to destroy the air vent though, move the cube out of the way again and go to where the beam is hitting the wall through the window. Use Koboh matter to destroy the patch to the left to find one of the Jedi Survivor perks, Precision, and a Force Echo.

From here, all that’s left is to use a Relter and fly up to the building at the very top, where you saw an Imperial ship fly to earlier. One of the Jedi Survivor bosses, Tahue Louesh, awaits you inside.

Now you’re caught up with the Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement puzzles, make sure you read up on where to find all of the Jedi Survivor Stim locations, as it’s these handy Jedi Survivor collectibles that will allow Cal to withstand more hits.

How many puzzles are in the Devastated Settlement?

There are three main puzzles to complete in the Devastated Settlement region on Koboh, but you can also find a Force Tear, Skoova Stev, and a path back to Boiling Bluff by exploring.