Spider-Man 2 The Flame mission walkthrough

Spider-Man 2 The Flame mission walkthrough
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Here’s our walkthrough for Spider-Man 2’s The Flame mission. Buckle up, it’s about to get hot.

At some point in Spider-Man 2, you’re going to encounter some fire-fighters struggling to evacuate civilians from a building. This is going to kickstart “The Flame,” a series of side-missions linked to both the Symbiote and Yuri Watanabe. Alongside that, it’s going to introduce one of Venom’s most prolific enemies, though you’ll have to play through the missions to find out who it is… You’re even going to be rewarded with a boss fight against a familiar face.

The Flame Mission 1: Where Have You Been?

Spider-Man stands in front of the starting point for The Flame side mission.
  • Once you unlock The Flame mission, you can head on over to the Financial District to begin the mission.
  • Once you begin the mission, enter the building via a spider-bot and mark all of the civilians.
  • You’re going to locate all of the trapped civilians, before you find out there are more people inside.
  • Follow the voices until you find a group of cultists about to kill someone
  • Intervene and fight them, before You’re introduced to a new character – Wraith, or Yuri Watanabe as you might know her.

The Flame Mission 2: Everything Burns

A man and a woman standing in front of a red light, featured in the Spider-Man 2 The Flame mission walkthrough.
A man and a woman standing in front of a red light, featured in the Spider-Man 2 The Flame mission walkthrough.
  • Go with Yuri Watanabe to a rooftop location where you’re going to find more members of The Flame.
  • Take them all on, stealth through the lairs or use brute force – up to you.
  • After this, you’re going to break into The Flame’s prayer room. Inside, you’re going to talk to a hologram of The Flame’s leader, who remains unnamed for now.
  • Leave and release all of the trapped prisoners, before heading onto the next mission.

The Flame Mission 3: I Knew You Had It In You

In Spider-Man 2, the man in a purple suit takes center stage as he confidently wields a lighter during The Flame mission walkthrough.
  • Head to the abandoned hospital where you will find that Yuri has already entered before you
  • You’re going to use your Web Line to stealth takedown enemies, before finding your way inside
  • Clear as many rooms as you can before finding Yuri, who’s going to be fighting with The Flame’s leader
  • Wraith is going to stab the leader, before you intervene. It’s time for your boss fight with Wraith.

The Flame Mission 4: It Was Meant For Me

  • After you defeat Wraith, The Flame is going to escape.
  • A little bit later, Ganke will call you and tell you about an issue in Little Odessa.
  • Head on down to the location and you’re going to find The Flame planting bombs around a civilian building
  • Disarm the bombs using the provided traps
  • Take them all on – it won’t be easy, and you’re going to have quite a few enemies to defeat.
  • Keep going until you’re done
  • At this point, you’re going to have to stop an oncoming train which threatens to hit oil tank.
  • After you stop it, you’re going to realise it’s an Oscorp train
  • The Flame will then appear, threatening Spidey as Yuri’s fate is unknown.
  • The Flame leader will then talk about a “fancy suit that makes you big and strong” before stealing a Symbiote sample from the train.
  • He says “when the Crimson Hour rolls over this earth, it will bring truth, judgement … and Carnage.”
  • He sets fire to the oil doused on Peter, before escaping
  • Yuri then has a choice to make, save Peter or go after The Flame.
  • As the flames engulf Peter, hurting his Symbiote suit, Yuri makes a decision – to save Spidey.

Despite being a side-mission, I actually found The Flame to be one of the most compelling stories in SM2. Yuri forces Peter to toil with a moral conflict that is one of the best Spider-Man issues: wanting to save everyone, and kill nobody.

Throughout the mission, you’re going to interact with Yuri as a hero and anti-hero, and Cletus Cassidy’s appearance is only going to make things more difficult.