How the Spider-Man 2 post credits scenes & ending set up the next game

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We’re going to be going over the ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including the mid-credits scene and the post-credits scene. Spoiler alert, by the way.

With it having hit the PS5 now, the ending surprised us. Having tied up loose ends nicely, it also makes room for new plot points to cause drama in later instalments. With several side-quests in Spider-Man 2 tying in a range of characters – Cletus Cassidy, the Sandman via Marko’s Memories, Mysterio and even characters from the Spider-Verse – there’s a whole bunch of things that might need clarifying.

Spider-Man 2 ending explained

Peter Parker retires as Spidey

Following Venom’s defeat at the end of the game, and Harry’s paralysis as a result, everything has changed for Peter Parker. After a drawn out tussle with life’s different miseries: financial issues, relationship troubles and work stresses, Pete decides it’s time to quit the Spidey act. Luckily, he’s not leaving New York unprotected as Miles Morales is ready to step in.

Peter chooses to focus all of his energies into the Emily May Foundation, and to spending his life with MJ.

Spider-Man 2 mid-credits scene explained

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a thrilling installment in the beloved wizarding world series.
Dr Ock and Norman Osborn talk in the Spider-Man 2 post-credits scene.

Once you complete the main plot in Spider-Man 2, the credits will roll. Sit through the brief first credits and you will be rewarded with a mid-credits scene featuring Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius.

In this scene, Otto Octavius can be seen in his cell in The Raft. He’s going to be approached by Norman Osborn, who is going to ask him for a favour – to tell him the identity of the two Spider-Men. Otto relishes that the final act is just about to begin, pretty overtly.

Both Dr. Ock and Green Goblin are two of Spider-Man’s mortal foes, so it’s likely that they will team up in the final game in order to take on the Spider-Men. Just before the end of the first game, Osborn orders his doctors to “ready the G-Serum” for Harry, though it’s just as likely that Norman will take some too.

Together, Dr. Ock and Green Goblin would provide the Spider-duo with a pretty formidable fight, definitely worthy of a final chapter in the Insomniac series.

Spider-Man 2 post-credits scene explained

After you roll the whole credits, you’re then going to be rewarded with a post-credits scene more relevant to Miles. He’s sat waiting with Hailie as Rio’s new boyfriend is coming round for dinner. Albert Moon introduces himself, alongside Cindy Moon – his daughter.

A group of people are standing in front of a painting, discussing how the Spider-Man 2 post-credits scenes set up the next game.
An image of Cindy and Albert Moon meeting Miles, Hailey and Rio.

For those that don’t know, Cindy Moon in Earth-616 was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker, though she trained in magic rather than growing up in New York. Insomniac’s Marvel games are well-known for rewriting the script, and Harry Osborn’s appearance as Venom is proof of that. This gives evidence to the likelihood that Cindy Moon’s origin could be altered slightly to interlink her character with Miles Morales instead.

It seems likely that Aaron Davis’ saga is now behind us following the conclusion of the Prowler Stash missions, so Miles’ story will certainly be looking for new directions to move in.

If there’s going to be a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales 2, it’s highly possible that Cindy will take on the mantle as Silk, especially considering that Peter Parker is now retired. Silk’s background in magic certainly would lend itself to Miles’ recent experiences with Black Cat’s magic, Mysterio, and a possible connection to Dr Strange.

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