Who is Cindy Moon in Spider-Man 2?

Who is Cindy Moon in Spider-Man 2?
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You might be wondering who Cindy Moon is in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 is now here, and the post-credits scene introduces a character called Cindy Moon. Who exactly is Cindy, what relevance does she have to Spider-Man and Miles Morales’ story?

Who is Cindy Moon in Spider-Man 2?

Cindy Moon is a character already established in the Marvel Universe. Having only been introduced for the first time in 2014 in the Amazing Spider-Man comics by Dan Slott, the character was bitten by the same radio-active spider that turned Peter Parker into the webbed hero.

Cindy Moon’s alter-ego is Silk, a spider-powered hero who has practiced witchcraft under Ezekiel Sims, lived in a bunker for ten years to protect her identity. Much of Cindy’s story revolves around locating her parents, though it seems that the game introduces her father Albert simultaneously.

It’s possible that Cindy’s story in the next Insomniac games could be related to locating her father – perhaps he’s abducted – or perhaps something similar.

Does Cindy Moon have powers?

In the comics canon, Cindy does have powers. However, in Spider-Man 2, it’s likely that she doesn’t. Her introduction as of yet has been fairly brief, and the likelihood that she has powers is slim. At some point during the next couple of games – it’s likely that her in-game origin will be explained.

However, in the comics, her powers are very similar to Miles and Peter’s powers. According to her Marvel biography, Silk can climb walls, a spider-sense alongside the typical Spider strength and speed. Another key ability is that she has a carnal attraction and relationship with Peter due to their origins from the same spider.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is developed in the game – especially as it looks as though her character is going to be Morales focused.

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