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Meet The New Professors In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (2022)

pokemon scarlet and violet professors
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The ever-approaching dual release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has fans jumping up and down for any information on either game. Both have been highly anticipated by fans since their announcement back, and with their release so close now, excitement in the fanbase has reached an all-time high. 

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The changes the studio, Gamefreak, has made and the strides they have taken to keep each Pokemon game exciting to play have been loved by fans all over the world. With that said, these games also have many tried and true staples that make consistent appearances in every single release. Among these are Starters, Legendaries, Gym Leaders, and of course, the folk that jump-start your journey in any region, Professors.

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Who Are The New Professors In Scarlet And Violet

Though the same formula of Professors giving you a starter before setting you off on your journey is seemingly being used for this 9th generation of Pokemon games, one change that Gamefreak decided to make was to give Pokemon Scarlet and Violet each a separate Professor. With that said, both Professors look lovely and act as a great way to differentiate the two titles.

Professor Sada (left) and Professor Turo(right) 

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These new Professors might play a part in the storyline of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as according to official sources, both Professors might simultaneously be carrying out their research in the region. The two could even have some level of competition or rivalry between one another which could lead to entertaining interactions in the game.

This can also play into the fact that the games seemingly take place in both the future as well as the past. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that this change in the status quo that Gamefreak has decided to engage in can only lead to very interesting outcomes.

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Professor Sada (Pokemon Scarlet)

Professor Sada will research the new region of Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet. Only a little has been revealed about her motives or storyline through any official confirmation, though many things can be speculated by analyzing her name and appearance.

In her official art, Professor Sada is seen wearing a very prehistoric-looking garb and a necklace that looks like it belongs to ancient times. This is in reference to the element of Gen 9 that relates to the past, something that is supplemented by her name which can be associated with the Spanish word “pasada,” which means past.

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Professor Turo (Pokemon Violet)

Professor Turo is the one who will be researching the new region of Paldeain Pokemon Violet. Similar to his colleague Professor Sada, not much has been officially revealed about the motivations or personality of Professor Turo, though he too reveals a lot about himself from his name and appearance.

In his official art, Professor Turo is seen wearing very sleek and futuristic looking clothes. His haircut is pristine, which goes along very well with the element of Gen 9 that pertains to the future. Similarly to Professor Sada, Turo’s name can also be associated with a Spanish word, this time “futuro,” meaning future.

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Final Thoughts

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet each have a separate and unique Professor character, both of whom could potentially cross paths in the full games. All in all, this addition brings a lot of opportunity for fun interactions and scenarios, and is a step in the right direction for Gamefreak when it comes to innovating the mainline Pokemon formula.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Professors FAQ

Which Professor will be in Violet?

Professor Turo is the main professor in Pokemon Violet

Who is the youngest Professor in Pokemon?

Professor Sonia who focuses on the history of Galar is the youngest main professor.

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