How to Make Sparkling Power 3 Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to Make Sparkling Power 3 Sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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The sandwich making mechanic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is extremely useful, especially for shiny hunters. This is because, in addition to increasing the EXP Pokemon get after a battle, how many eggs you can get when breeding, and increasing the spawn rate of specific types of Pokemon, some sandwiches also give you a buff that makes more shiny Pokemon spawn.

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However, finding the recipe and knowing what ingredients to use isn’t as easy as it might sound. There are many combinations of ingredients you can use, but not all of them give you the buff you might want.

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To help you with this, we’re here to tell you how to make a Sparkling Power 3 sandwich in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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What Does the Sparkling Power 3 Sandwich Do

Remember that buff we mentioned earlier? Well, that buff is called the sparkling power buff, and when at its best, the sparkling power 3 sandwiches can give players a buff that makes the odds of shiny Pokemon spawning from 1/4096 to 1/1024. 

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Couple this with the shiny charm, and you’ll be able to find shiny Pokemon very easily. As you can imagine, this is an invaluable buff if you’re a player who likes to hunt for shiny Pokemon, or if you haven’t ever gotten a shiny Pokemon before and want to experience how it feels.

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Sparkling Power 3 Recipes

Although there are multiple recipes and ingredients you can use to make a Sparkling Power 3 sandwich, the one thing all the recipes have in common is that they all use two types of herba mystica, which are found by completing 5 or 6 star raids. Therefore, you can imagine they aren’t exactly easy to come by.

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The herba mystica we recommend are the bitter and spicy ones, as they will get you the sparkling power 3 buff no matter what. Additionally, combinations of the two mentioned, as well as salty, sour, and sweet herba mysticas can also be used. The other ingredients you use, however, depend on the type of Pokemon you want.

  • Normal: Tofu 
  • Flying: Prosciutto 
  • Fire: Red Pepper 
  • Psychic: Onion 
  • Water: Cucumber 
  • Bug: Cherry Tomato 
  • Electric: Yellow Pepper 
  • Rock: Bacon 
  • Grass: Lettuce 
  • Ghost: Red Onion 
  • Ice: Klawf Stick 
  • Dragon: Avocado 
  • Fighting: Pickle 
  • Dark: Smoked Fillet 
  • Poison: Green Pepper 
  • Steel: Hamburger 
  • Ground: Ham 
  • Fairy: Tomato

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How to Make Sparkling Power 3 Sandwich

Once you’ve collected the ingredients you need for the sandwich you want to make, look for a good place to set up your picnic in the wild (outside of cities). When you’ve found it, pull up your X menu and select the picnic option.

After you put the picnic table up and toss out the Pokemon you want to breed so they’re roaming around, go to the table and interact with the picnic basket on the table.

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Select the ‘make a sandwich’ option, and either choose the Sparkling Power 3 sandwich recipe if you have it or press ‘X’ to go to creative mode and manually select all the ingredients required to make the Sparkling Power 3 sandwich you want. Finally, you’ll have to play a short minigame where you’ll have to assemble the sandwich after which your character and Pokemon will eat it, giving you the Sparkling Power 3 buff.

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One very important thing to remember is that when assembling the sandwich, ensure none of the ingredients fall off, or else you might end up getting a different buff than the one you’re building the sandwich for.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a shiny hunter, you’ll probably be making a lot of these sandwiches in your runs. One thing we recommend is that when looking for a specific type of Pokemon, try setting up the picnic near the Pokemon’s habitat.

For example, if you want a shiny water Pokemon, then set up the picnic next to a body of water where water type Pokemon are more likely to spawn.