Ghost Type Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses

Ghost Type Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses
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Ghost-type Pokemon are rare, with only 73 total Pokémon of this kind. It has changed quite a bit from its introduction, where in Generation 1, Ghost-type moves did not affect Psychic-type Pokémon; all Ghost-type attacks were considered physical until Generation 3. Ghost-type Pokémon are often related to fear and the afterlife, with many Ghost types being scary or spooky.

If you are checking our ghost-type Pokemon, you should know the best ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The Drifloon Pokédex entry is quite popular, which states that it tries to take children away that grab onto it. The newest addition in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Greavard is another Ghost-type that is an extremely friendly Pokémon that follows you if you play with it but slowly also drains the life force out of you, so don’t play with it too long. These Pokémon are fairly interesting to observe and interact with, which is how they fare in the Pokémon world.

Ghost Pokémon Strengths

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Ghost-type moves are super effective against:

  • Psychic-type Pokémon
  • Ghost-type Pokémon

Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to:

  • Normal type moves
  • Fighting type moves

Ghost-type Pokémon are resistant to:

  • Poison type moves
  • Bug type moves

Ghost Pokémon Average Stats and Moves

Ghost-type Pokémon have an average Special Attack of 84.4, Special Defense of 78.6, and Defense of 79.3. These Pokémon end up as great Special Attackers who might end up lasting in battles if used correctly; it also helps that they’re immune to two typing, and since Generation 6, Steel-type Pokémon don’t resist Ghost-type moves.

Did you know?

Ghost-type Pokemon are some of the strongest in most Pokemon games. In recent games, Greavard has become a fan-favorite Pokemon and one of the strongest.

This makes the Ghost type a fascinating one to play with since they also have special moves that are type-specific, like Curse or Trick or Treat. Ghost-type Pokémon can’t be trapped by trapping moves and abilities like mean look or be bound. They learn status condition moves that can be effective in long-term and competitive battles.

Ghost Pokémon Weaknesses

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Ghost-type Pokémon are weak against:

  • Ghost-type moves
  • Dark type moves

Ghost-type moves do not affect:

  • Normal type Pokémon

Ghost-type moves are not very effective against:

  • Dark type Pokémon

Ghost-type Pokémon have a low average HP stat of 66.4 and speed stat of 67; this ensures that they usually don’t go first in battle and might be at a considerable risk of getting one hit KO’d. They might survive because of their defense stats, but you have to be very technical while using them. This rare type of Pokémon doesn’t have a lot of choices or moves in their arsenal like other types.

Even though their existence is a bit chequered in the Pokémon world, the interesting and mysterious behavior displayed by Ghost-type Pokémon is one to behold. They indeed have a firm place in the Pokémon world and give us unforgettable and creepy Pokédex entries to witness.

Ghost Type Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses – FAQ

What type of Pokemon are ghost-type moves strong against?

Ghost type moves are strong against ghost and psychic-type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon are ghost-type moves weak against?

Ghost type moves are weak against dark-type Pokemon.