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How To Get Unova Stones In Pokémon Go

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To advance further into Pokémon GO, Unova Stones are necessary for completing your Pokédex. These stones serve a similar purpose of being a prerequisite to evolving certain Pokémon like other evolutionary items such as the Sinnoh Stones. However, the problem with Unova Stones, as you’ve probably faced by now, is that they’re extremely hard to come across. 

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While there is a limited number of Pokémon requiring a Unova Stone for their evolution, the utility of their evolved forms makes it a worthwhile investment. So, if you’re looking to garner a couple of Unova Stones for an upcoming evolution, you’ve landed on the right page!

How To Obtain Unova Stones

Farming Unova Stones is relatively harder than any other in-game currency because of their exceptional rarity. That said, the most popular (and not to mention efficient) methods for farming Unova Stones are by using the Pokéstop Spin Streak, claiming rewards from Field Researches, and defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders.


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We’ve discussed each of these alternatives in detail below: 

Pokéstop Spin Streak Pokémon GO

Pokéstops grants reward through its daily spin feature and can often land you with a shiny Unova Stone. While interacting with a Pokéstop, swipe the photo disc to generate random items which will get added to your inventory. The daily and weekly limits for Pokéstop spins are 1200 and 7000, respectively, so you won’t be running out of spins as long as you’re willing to walk to each Pokéstop.

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Practicing this gacha by spinning at least one Pokéstop daily, you can acquire a streak bonus which amplifies drop rarity with the streak being continued for 7 days. This method has a 1% percent chance of granting you a Unova Stone. So, keep spinning the Pokéstop daily, and you’ll land yourself a Unova Stone in no time (if luck’s by your side).

Field Researches Pokémon Go

When you spin a Pokéstop, you can get research tasks in the following three categories: Today, Field, and Special. For the purpose of collecting Unova Stones in the game, Field research tasks are the way to go, as none of the other tasks can grant you an Unova Stone.

Once players complete one week’s worth of Field research tasks, they can see a rewards box and collect their rewards. This reward box holds a chance of granting you Unova Stones. However, bare in mind that the odds are not very high, and it might be some time before you get your hands on an Unova Stone.

Defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders Pokémon Go

If you’re more of a grind-intensive trainer and don’t want to gamble solely on a week’s patience, go on a Team GO Rocket hunt. A triumphant battle against one of the four Team GO Rocket Leaders: Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni, has the possibility of having a Unova Stone among the rewards.

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While they don’t require ridiculous luck, the appearance of Team GO Rocket leaders is quite rare. That said, there are a couple of common areas where these leaders are often sighted: 

  1. Pokéstops which are controlled by Team GO Rocket (they move from one to another after every 30 minutes).
  2. Team GO Rocket hot air balloons appear randomly in the sky, so keep a lookout for them.

Whenever you spot a Team GO Rocket leader, don’t shy away from a battle since you never know when you’ll encounter them next. Make sure you have a decent Pokémon kit to defeat the leaders in battle! 

Which Pokémon Can Be Evolved By The Unova Stone in Pokémon Go?

Apart from acquiring the Unova Stone, you need to know where it can be utilized effectively (we don’t want to be wasting it on a useless evolution). While not many Pokémon can be evolved using the Unova Stone, the ones requiring the Unova Stone to evolve can be worthwhile. Here is a list of current Pokémons that need the Unova Stone and their evolved forms:

PokémonCostEvolved Pokémon
PansageUnova Stone and 100 candySimisage
PanpourUnova Stone and 100 candySimipour
PansearUnova Stone and 100 candySimisear
LampentUnova Stone and 100 candyChandelure
MinccinoUnova Stone and 100 candyCinccino
EelektrikUnova Stone and 100 candy (unreleased)Eelektross
MunnaUnova Stone and 50 candy (unreleased) Musharna

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, nothing can fully secure a Unova Stone, but these guidelines will unquestionably increase the odds of you getting a Unova Stone. So if that Lampent has been waiting for its Unova Stone to evolve into a Chandelure, it won’t be much longer!

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