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How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO
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There’s no doubt that mega-evolution is an incredibly useful ability to have, as it can change the tide of battle at any time. A good addition to the game is that you only need to use mega energy to mega-evolve a specific Pokemon for the first time, after which every other time will simply put a mega-evolution cooldown.

However, that doesn’t mean gathering enough mega energy to mega-evolve for the first time is an easy task either. Luckily, there are currently three ways to get mega energy in Pokemon GO.

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Method 1: Defeating Mega Pokemon in Raids

A raid has you and other trainers going against an incredibly tough Pokemon. There are multiple difficulty tiers to them, and the most difficult ones are called mega raids. If you see a tan-and-brown egg with the mega energy symbol appearing above a Gym, then you got yourself a mega raid on your hands.

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When defeating a Mega Pokemon in a raid, players are rewarded with the mega energy of the boss’ species. So let’s say you took down a Mega Charizard, in this case, you and every other player who helped you will be rewarded with Mega Charizard energy.


As for how much mega energy you’ll get your hands on, well that depends on how quickly you were able to defeat the Mega Pokemon. The quicker you win the raid, the more mega energy you’ll get.

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Some exceptional Pokemon GO players have devised a trick to be able to solo specific mega raids as well. There are three conditions, however, which are:

  1. The mega pokemon should be weak to fire attacks.
  2. The weather should be sunny (as all fire type attacks will be boosted).
  3. Lastly, you should have a team of strong fire-type Pokemon.

If you’re able to meet these three conditions, then below are some of the Mega Pokemon you should theoretically be able to solo with a strong enough team (although we still recommend you take a couple of friends with you).

  • Mega Beedrill
  • Mega Venusaur
  • Mega Steelix
  • Mega Scizor

Method 2: Using the Buddy System

To help players get mega energy quicker, Niantic came out with a handy addition to the buddy system which allows you to earn mega energy while going about with your day-to-day activities.

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Let’s say you’ve mega-evolved a Venusaur before. If you assign a Pokemon from the Venusaur evolution cycle, then walking a specific amount of kilometers will reward you with one mega energy each time.

Method 3: Completing a Task

Finally, while extremely rare, sometimes Niantic gives players field research that rewards players with the mega energy of specific Pokemon when completed.

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The possibility of this happening outside of an event is close to none. Luckily, recent events have been rewarding players with mega energy for completing event-related tasks and field research. So if you see field research that will give you mega energy upon completion, we recommend you prioritize completing it.

To Wrap This Up

Although mega evolution is indeed an incredibly beneficial ability to have at your disposal, the first method is the only sure-fire reliable way to get mega energy. However, once you mega-evolve a Pokemon once, you can take advantage of the second method to passively earn mega energy.

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