Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters June 2023

Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters June 2023
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June 1 is upon us and we’re happy to report that our predicted Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters for June 2023 were on the money.

The Team Rocket Leader is drafting in Persian for Phase 1, then Nidoking/Cloyster/Garchomp for Phase 2, and wrapping proceedings up with Registeel for Phase 3.

Scroll down for our recommended best counters for each.

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As most players have wrapped up this month’s head-to-head with Giovanni, we’re turning our gaze to next month to see what Team Rocket’s most formidable fighter may have in store to bring you our Pokemon Go Giovanni counters predictions for June 2023.

Speculative caps donned, we’re peering back to the past few months to get a sense of what Niantic is cooking up for next month.

The Pokemon Go developer tends to lean heavily on consistency, so we’re unlikely to see any seismic changes to which Pokemon counter Giovanni’s roster lineup in June.

Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters June 2023

Giovanni counters for June 2023 predictions:

  • Phase 1: Persian
  • Phase 2: Nidoking/Cloyster/Garchomp
  • Phase 3: Registeel

Persian – Phase 1

Barring some unexpected switcheroo from Niantic, Giovanni begins proceedings with Persian, a normal-type Pokemon that crumbles when faced with Fighting-type Pokemon. Here are your best options to beat Giovanni:

  • Persian Counters: Breloom, Machamp, Lucario, Conkeldurr
  • Moves/Attacks: Counter, Dynamic Punch

Nidoking/Cloyster/Garchomp – Phase 2

During phase 2, Giovanni is likely to call upon his trusty trio of Nidoqueen, Steelix, and Rhyperior. The question, and one we’ll have to wait to get the answer to, is which one he’ll lean on for June.

Nidoking – Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters

A Poison and Ground-type Pokemon, Nidoking doesn’t fare well against Ground, Psychic-type, Water-type moves, and Ice-type moves.

  • Counters: Mewtwo, Garchomp, Kyogre, Glaceon, Galarian Darmanitan
  • Moves/Attacks: Psycho Cut, Ice Shard, Mud Shot, Hydro Cannon, and Waterfall

Cloyster – Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters

Cloyster falls into the Water and Ice-type Pokemon category and is weak to Grass, Rock, Fighting, and Electric-type.

  • Counters: Lucario, Machamp, Rampardos, Terrakion, Conkeldurr
  • Moves/Attacks: Smack Down, Rock Slide, Dynamic Punch, Counter, Sacred Sword, Aura Sphere

Garchomp – Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters

Garchomp falls into the Ground and Dragon-type moves Pokemon category and has a tough old time standing up to Fairy, Ice, and Dragon-type attacks.

  • Counters: Weavile, Avalugg, Glaceon, Galarian Darmanitan, Mamoswine
  • Moves/Attacks: Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Avalanche, Powder Snow

Registeel – Phase 3

To close out the fight in phase 3, Giovanni summons none other than the formidable Registeel.

Registeel is Steel-type Pokemon, so aim for Ground, Fighting, and Fire-types to put the odds on your side. Avoid most other types as Registeel brushes those off with ease.

  • Counters: Lucario, Reshiram, Chandelure, Conkeldurr
  • Moves/Attacks: Double Kick, Fusion Flage, Fire Fang, Sacred Sword, Counter, Aura Sphere, Dynamic Punch, Overheat

Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters FAQ

What Pokemon Should I Use Against Giovanni?

To counter everything Giovanni will throw your way during the three phase fight, you’ll want a roster that includes a Water-type, a Fighting-type, and Dark or Ghost-type Pokemon. A solid line-up to use against Giovanni is Machamp, Kyogre, and Gengar.

What Is Giovanni Weak Against?

Giovanni’s weaknesses depends on which Pokemon he decides to use, but as a general rule having a roster that features a Fighting-type, Ghost-type, and Water-type Pokemon covers all of the Team Rocket leaders potential picks.

What Beats Giovanni 2023?

A line-up that can beat Giovanni in 2023 requires a Fighting-type, Ghost/Dark-type, and Water-type Pokemon. We recommend using Gengar, Kyogre, and Machamp as these cover all three of Giovanni’s phases and any possible Pokemon he may pull out to fight you.

That’s a wrap on our Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters for June 2023. If you’re looking for counter to other Team Rocket leaders, check out our Pokemon Go Arlo counters guide.