Payday 3 how to get pre order rewards and what you can claim

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Players currently diving into the heist-em-up may be wondering how to get the Payday 3 pre order rewards?

There’s plenty of bonuses for those who decided to order the game ahead of the Payday 3 release date, whether that be the standard version of the game, or the premium Silver and Gold versions. If you’re wondering what you can get and how exactly to claim your loot so you can use it in Payday 3, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll break down what’s on offer, and how you can find your swag.

Payday 3 pre order bonus

Those who have pre ordered Payday 3 are able to claim the Trifecta Loot Bag. This pack actually contains three cosmetic items, that can be equipped by any of the playable heisters in Payday 3. Here’s what’s included in the bag:

  • Pre Order Mask: Venomous Verdigris
  • Pre Order Gloves: Cotton Stripes
  • Pre Order Suit: Obsidian Glitz

If you’ve pre ordered the Gold and Silver editions of the game, you’ll also get the following goodies:

  • Play Early (Three Days)

The special editions also come with bonus goodies that you can claim at any time, and not just from a pre-order.

Payday 3 Silver Edition

  • Dark Sterling Mask
  • Season Pass (6 Months) – including 2 heists, tailor packs and weapon packs.

Payday 3 Gold Edition

All the above, plus:

  • Golden Slate Gloves
  • Skull of Liberty Mask
  • Season Pass (1 Year) including 4 heists, tailor packs and weapon packs.

How to find your Payday 3 pre order bonuses and DLC

To get your rewards, simply head into your inventory as soon as you start playing, and you should find your goodies there. However, the game’s official Twitter account has noted that some people may not find their rewards due to a bug. The developer has said it’s aware of the issue and currently working on a fix, so keep checking back just in case. They do promise the rewards are linked to your account, so you shouldn’t lose them – and they’ll be in your inventory by the time the game launches on September 21.

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