Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle details, cost, and contents

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle details, cost, and contents
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Want to know what the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle brings to the table? Blizzard is kicking off its hero-based co-op FPS’s sixth season with a bang and what better to way to celebrate the latest update than with a bundle containing several themed goodies.

Much like in previous seasons, the content-filled bundles that Blizzard is launching alongside the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion release date will include a few unique legendary skins and a boatload of Overwatch 2 coins. It will also contain the usual bevy of charms and accessories that can make each character stand out even more. So now that we’ve given you a preview of what to expect, here’s what else you’ll need to know about the seasonal microtransaction below.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle details and cost for PS4 and Xbox One.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 – how much does PvE cost?

To access the Overwatch 2 Season 6 PvE missions, you will need to purchase the standard Overwatch 2 Invasion bundle for $14.99 or your regional equivalent. You’ll be given access to the cooperative story missions where you’ll be able to choose between set heroes with your friends. But as mentioned before, access to these tasks isn’t the only thing you’ll be getting with the bundle. It also comes with a unique legendary skin and Overwatch coins as well.

If you’re looking to splurge, you can also unlock the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion PvE mode by purchasing the Ultimate Invasion bundle for $39.99 (approximately £32) instead. Not only will this give you access to the standard pack’s contents but also earns you two more legendary skins, premium Battle Pass tiers, and more in-game currency.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle contents

These are the following goodies included with the standard Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle:

  • Earnable Vigilante Sojourn legendary skin
  • Sojourn hero unlock
  • Permanent access to Invasion story missions
  • 1,000 Overwatch coins

Since this is the cheaper version of Overwatch 2’s exclusive Season 6 offering, it will notably have lesser content than its premium counterpart. Nevertheless, if you’re only looking to access the long-awaited PvE missions Blizzard is introducing with this update, then this option should be a no-brainer for you. Additionally, the 1,000 Overwatch coins that this pack brings will also let you buy the premium battle pass, so there’s even more incentive for players to get the standard bundle.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion Ultimate bundle contents

The standard edition’s more expensive counterpart will naturally contain additional goodies that you can show off to other players. Here’s what you can expect with the Ultimate bundle:

  • All standard bundle contents (access to PvE missions, Sojourn skin, 1,000 OW coins)
  • Legendary K-2000 Blademaster Kiriko skin
  • Legendary C-455 Sharpshooter Cassidy skin
  • 20 premium battle pass tiers
  • 1,000 Overwatch coins

With a whopping total of 2,000 Overwatch coins, three legendary skins, access to PvE missions, and an opportunity to advance the battle pass effortlessly, the Ultimate bundle may be worth the price for some. Since you’ll only need to use up 1,000 Overwatch coins to purchase the battle pass, you can use the rest of your in-game currency to buy additional tiers or other in-game cosmetics instead.

That’s all you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle. If you want to learn more about Blizzard’s team-based FPS game, check out our Overwatch 2 tier list, how to earn coins in Overwatch 2, and how to play Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 as well.