Brigitte Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Brigitte Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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There are so many different play styles in Overwatch 2. This is due to the sheer amount of characters, called heroes, that are available in the game. At the current time, there are 35 of them. Each hero has their own unique abilities, weapon, and personality. On top of all the unique heroes, they are also divided into 3 different specialty roles that can help support their team in different ways. These roles are tanks, who defend their team, supports, who help keep their teams alive, and DPS, who deal massive damage to the enemy. Brigitte, a knight in shining armor, is a support character that keeps her team alive with a steady stream of heals. Here is everything that players need to know to play Brigitte in Overwatch 2.

Who is Brigitte in Overwatch 2?

Technically, Brigitte is not a knight, but a Squire. Her armor reflects this, and combined with her flail and shield, she is a healer and melee hybrid that can support her team from the frontlines. Not only does she pack a punch in close-quarters combat, but she can help to distract enemies from the backline and keep her team alive in the process. Players who are fans of melee combat will love her survivability combined with decent damage output. On top of that, Brigitte got a nice overhaul to her most famous ability, Shield Bash, which was improved for Overwatch 2. Learning how to leverage her kit can help to keep a team alive through even the harshest battles.

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Support characters were reworked in Overwatch 2

Much has changed with how matches are set up in Overwatch 2. The biggest change is the reduction from 6v6 matches to 5v5 matches. This is because each team has had 1 tank slot removed. To make up for this difference in team balancing, all the different roles have had specialized passive abilities added. 

For support characters, such as Brigitte, the passive they gained for Overwatch 2 is the ability to regenerate their health over time after a few seconds of not taking damage. This means that healers such as Brigitte can duck out of combat for a few seconds, heal up, and get right back into the fray. This greatly changes the dynamic of the support role, and players may want to pick up a character like Brigitte to keep their team in the fight. Brigitte has some great abilities that can do just that.

Brigitte’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Brigitte Weapons and Abilities

Brigitte may be a melee range healer in Overwatch 2, but she has some interesting abilities that can kick things up a notch. In fact, she is one of the most versatile heroes and can single-handedly help teams push through objectives with her ultimate. For those who wanted to be an ironclad hero saving the day that doesn’t want to play Reinhardt, Brigitte is the best choice. Her heals over time can be just what a team needs to achieve its victory.


Inspire is the cornerstone of how healing functions on Brigitte. How it works is when Brigitte hits a target with any of her abilities, including Rocket Flail, Whip Shot, or Shield Bash, it causes the Inspire effect. This causes allies within a 20-meter radius to have a heal-over-time effect applied to them. This heals for 15 HP every second for 5 seconds. The effect has an internal cooldown of 1 second. This means players cannot reapply it instantly, although after 1 second, it can be triggered again and the effect’s timer will reset. However, it does not stack the healing effect.

Rocket Flail

Rocket Flail is Brigitte’s unique way of dealing damage to enemies. The Rocket Flail is a melee based weapon that does not consume ammo, instead, it can only attack once every .6 seconds. The Rocket Flail swings in a wide arc, damaging players up to 6 meters away and applying the Inspire effect for any target hit.

Repair Pack

On top of being able to grant allies the inspire effect, Brigitte also can use the Repair Pack to apply a heal over time instantly to a nearby ally. When used, Repair Pack applies a heal for 110 over 2 seconds to the target. Repair Pack has a maximum of 3 charges that can be stored at a time. Each time the player uses Repair Pack, 1 charge will be consumed. Charges are restored every 6 seconds. This is a great ability to quickly burst and heal an ally before topping them off with Inspire.

Whip Shot

Since Brigitte will generally find herself on the front lines, sometimes she will need to give herself a bit of breathing room. Whip Shot allows Brigitte to send out a long-range flail attack that knocks enemies backward and away from her. The attack does a moderate amount of damage and can give Brigitte just the amount of space she needs to duck out of combat and heal up.

Barrier Shield

On top of having a mighty flail that she can use to vanquish her foes, Brigitte also has access to a shield that can protect her from attacks. How Barrier Shield works is that when Brigitte uses her secondary fire attack, it activates the Barrier Shield. This puts a 250 HP shield in front of her that she can use to deflect attacks. This shield can only absorb damage up to 250 HP before it breaks. When the shield breaks, it will need to recharge before it can be used again, which takes 5 seconds. Brigitte can use this shield to travel across hostile areas and make it into melee range to start healing her allies and smiting her foes.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash was a very versatile ability for Brigitte in the original Overwatch. It allowed her to close the distance to an enemy and also would apply a stun on hit. This has been changed in Overwatch 2 to no longer apply a stun. However, it has enhanced movement ability now as well as damage. Where the ability used to do 5 damage, it now does 50. In addition, it now causes the Inspire effect on striking an enemy. On top of all of this, its movement has been increased from 7 yards to 12 yards. This makes it so Brigitte can initiate from further away, or retreat to a safe location much easier.


Rally is a powerful ability in Overwatch 2. As Brigitte’s Ultimate Ability, she can use Rally to make extremely big pushes with her team, or hold checkpoints. On use, Rally causes players to move quicker and be healed while they are within the radius of Rally. This ability by itself can give teams the leverage they need to win team fights. Therefore, players will want to ensure that they use this only during key engagements to maximize its effectiveness.

Tips for using Brigitte in Overwatch 2

Unlike the other support heroes in Overwatch 2, Brigitte wants to stay on the front lines. With her defensive abilities combined with her melee attacks, she is a powerhouse as long as she can land hits on the enemy. Each time she does, not only will she be contributing to eliminating her foes directly, but she will be inspiring her team and healing them in the process. Those who wish to succeed with Brigitte, should practice staying near their teammates and ducking out of the fire when necessary, using their Shield Bash and Barrier Shield to retreat.

Play Brigitte to rally the team to victory in Overwatch 2

With a powerful flail, a sturdy shield, and the ability to rally her team, Brigitte stands out as a very versatile healer in Overwatch 2. For those who want to play a hybrid of a damage dealer and support class, Brigitte is one of the more fun options for players to consider. By holding the line and pushing forward, players can rally their team and ensure they are able to win all their matches in Overwatch 2.