How unlock and use the Wish Machine in Once Human

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✓ At a Glance
  • Unlock the Wish Machine in the Memetics menu
  • Build the Wish Machine in your Territory
  • Use Starchrom to spin for weapon and gear blueprints

Though gambling isn’t something we’d usually associated with a survival crafting game, Once Human features just that, courtesy of the aptly named Wish Machine. A few things have changed since the beta, namely that the gacha machine is a lot easier to get, though getting the currency needed for rolls is still a bit of a grind.

We’ll walk you through how to unlock and use the Wish Machine. If you’re still navigating the early game and need pointing in the right direction, check out our beginner’s guide and a useful selection of tips and tricks.

How to unlock the Wish Machine

To unlock the Wish Machine, you’ll need to first progress far enough into the game to have a Territory and access to the Memetics Cradle. Tap O on your keyboard to bring up the Memetics Cradle, then tap on the Memetics option on the left. Navigate to the Logistics tab then scroll down to the ‘03 Ascendance’ section. Select the Wish Machine icon then tap F to unlock the Memetic Skill. Note that it will cost x3 Meme Points, which you can get from levelling up, finding Deviations, and ticking off Season Goals.

How to build the Wish Machine

Go to your Territory then tap B and right click to bring up the Build Menu. Click on the Facilities tab, then select the Function Facility sub-tab. Click on the Wish Machine and place it where you want on your base foundation if you already have the required resources. To build it you’ll need the following:

  • X25 Copper Ingot
  • X10 Rusted Parts
  • X5 Metal Scraps
  • X3 Rubber
  • X5 Glass

What is the Wish Machine and how to use it

Put simply, the Wish Machine is Once Human’s take on gacha. In other words, gambling. You can win weapon and gear blueprints by spinning using an in-game currency called Starchrom. The currency is gifted to players for ticking off Season Goals, completing Territory Purification, taking part and winning The Prime War, and by redeeming Stellar Planula in the shop. You can also get Stachrom from the free portion of the Battle Pass. Each spin costs 500 Starchrom

As it stands, they are six categories to choose from, each offering a different selection of blueprints to potentially win:

  • The Long-Awaited
  • Echoes from the Rift
  • Herald of Courage
  • Caged Prisoner
  • Meltdown
  • Flame Tamer

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