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✓ Once Human Tips
  • Server type
  • Character Creation weight stats
  • Looting buildings and other areas
  • Mystic Chests for strong blueprints
  • The tutorial gives you your first vehicle
  • Memetic specializations
  • Respcing memetics
  • PvP Item Loss
  • Offline raids and player bases.

Are you getting involved with Once Human’s release, and looking to get started with the apocalyptic world? Well, there are a few things to note before you go ahead and do so. There are many things you want to decide, along with tutorials to complete, and other things the game doesn’t tell you particularly well. For a better start, here are our recommended Once Human tips and tricks to make getting started easier.

A picture off a server list for Once Human.
Like MMOs, Once Human has a server list fitted with population metrics and game mode types. Image via Starry Studio / NetEase.

Server types

Before you even start the game our first Once Human tip is to select the server type you want to play. There’s PvP and PvE. The main difference between them is the types of events on the server.

  • PvE servers get more world boss-type events for boss-killing guilds to focus on.
  • Meanwhile, PvP servers get more dynamic PvP events flagging around the map.

That’s not to say that PvP servers don’t get boss events, and that PvE servers don’t get PvP. But, the server you chose tends to get more unique versions of those even types.

Also, note that both servers have to have events that automatically flag you for PvP, with some end-game modes also doing that. You can also manually toggle PvP on if you want to and fight other players who toggle it. So, PvP between players and bases will happen depending on the event type and player ambitions.

When you get on a server, there are layers on that server called Worlds. These worlds separate the player base on that server for land permissions and to reduce server stress for areas with high activity. When your friends are on the same server, you can change the world by going to your base camp and porting over to the world your mate is on and rebuilding with them.

Character creation weight buffs and debuffs

When you’re in the character creator, you can adjust the size of your character, their fitness levels and weight. While at first, they appear cosmetic, they actually impact gameplay.

  • 64KG or less – 80KG base load, 15% attack speed buff, 10% less damage from melee attacks, and +25 maximum stamina.
  • 65-85kg – 90KG base load, Torso DMG reduced by 10%, and Stamina recovery speed increased by 20%.
  • Over 85KG – 100KG base load, attack speed is reduced by 10% but gains 15% damage. Rolling speed is reduced by 20% and weapon stability is increased by 15.

As you can see, your character’s build affects their melee damage and attack speed skills, their carry load weight capacity, and their stamina modifiers. These are small, but noticeable differences that affect your ability to dodge in combat, use different melee weapon types, and other such things. So, get an idea now of how you want to play melee and manage your weight now. Don’t sweat too much though as you get items that modify stats anyway if you’re still unsure.

Be careful with where you start building your buildable zone, or building to close to landmarks, as it can ruin your architectural plans. Image captured via VideoGamer.

Don’t build bases near roads or landmarks

One of the first mistakes we made for Once Human was building our base too close to a bridge near a main road. The result was an awkward boundary clipping for certain base parts that stopped us from building in certain areas. This is a problem because certain base layouts wouldn’t work. So, find a nice plot of land that’s relatively flat or supported with foundations and build without constraints or limits.

In addition, check the boundary of your land so you don’t build too close to the edge. Try to build in the centre so you don’t have to get zone expansion Mematics to fix an easily avoidable mistake.

If you do end up building a base, you can store your base camp blueprint and relocate your base for free. So, if do encounter issues, just check your building menu to relocate your base plot and find a more appropriate area to build at. 

Check every building for loot

Looting is an important part of the game for a few reasons. You’ll get various items to break down into usable crafting components. As you explore, you’ll find buildings with chests hidden in silly spots, alongside cupboards, closets, drawers and other furniture hiding loot you can easily miss. Ensure you’re looting all of these locations, as looting them means more resources for your future building ambitions.

In addition, the way loot works is that there are qualities to items. The better quality the item is the rarer the parts you can get or crafting. Crafting ranges from creating useful assembly for crafting, to creating furniture and decorations for your house. You can also get materials for vehicles, and other such facets to get even better items to progress the game with.

The Once Human Mystic Crate tips are a fantastic way of getting strong armor and weapon blueprints. Image via VideoGamer.

Mystic chests contain strong blueprints

When you open the world map, you’ll find various POIs around the world. These pois often give players tasks to clear that area 100% for progression with zone bosses. In addition, these areas can often contain Mystic Chests. Mystic Chests are very well hidden, often guarded and require prereqs before you can unlock them. When you find one, you’ll often get a decent blueprint for it, which gives you access to better weapons for that level bracket. This is how you’ll largely get better gear early one while you’re still learning the game.

Follow the tutorial first for your first vehicle

Following the in-game tutorial is very important, largely for one main reason. Your first bike. We made the fabled mistake of getting stuck in building our own plot of land when a server first started. And we got very deep into it the point we made our own bike using materials. It turns out that if you follow the in-game tutorial, you get a free bike for the main storyline, saving you tons of crafting materials for the future.

Memetic specializations

Memetics are your character’s technological tree unlocks. This allows them to craft various housing project blueprints, weapon blueprints, armor blueprints and much More. But, as you progress, you can select Specializations, which are very strong one-off unlocks for your character. For the most part, these are what your character can do specifically, and in some instances, you can give these craft to other players if you want to. 

If you’re playing with friends, avoid choosing the same one so you can cover multiple bases. That way, you, your mates or clans members can help each other out with strong items.

You can reset your Memetics if you want to and change the unlocks you want access to. However, it can come at a cost. Image capture via VideoGamer.

You can respec your Memetics

As you progress through the game, you can unlock technologies called Mmeetics. These memetics offer various crafting and base-building unlocks to progress further into the game. If at any point you’re no longer happy with your current research tree, you can reset your memetics. The deeper you are into the game, the less you will get bet back of your resources spent purchasing Memeetics, so keep it in mind. It’s something that you can do early on with no repercussions, but it is something for players getting the late game to consider with their research builds.

It’s one of the reasons the game recommends playing with other players and working together to form hives to make beases together. That way, all the ground is covered in your base.

PvP item loss

If you’re a PvP player, then be aware that there is item loss and PvP durability. You’ll lose some gear and resource son death, and you can lose ammo too. If you keep dying more and more in PvP while in Chaos, then you’ll start losing PvP durability.

If you’re a casual PvPer looking for optional rewards, game modes like the Cargo Shuffle at Stronghold are intended for fun. You won’t lose items on PvP death in modes like that. Recognise the difference between fun pvp modes and hardcore open-world PvP like with the Echo Stones, as it is something to be wary of.

Your base cannot be offline raided

If you’re on the fence about jumping into an open-world MMO survival game, you may have heard stories like Ark and Rust. However, Once Human is different as player bases are more secure on PvP and PvE servers. The only time your base can get raided is if you’re partaking in events that flag you and your base for PvP. These are key end-game missions types or happen in set places. So, if you’re a more casual player, Once Human base building and storage is certainly looking after you.

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