How to get Standard Parts in Once Human

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If you’re looking to craft tier 2 items on Once Human, you’ll need various materials for your crafts. One of the most common materials you’ll need for those crafts are Standard Parts. To get Standard Parts, players can expect to scrap items they find from looting the Broken Delta part of the map.

How to get Standard Parts in Once Human

To get Standard Parts in Once Human players need to loot items from storage chests and world pickups around the Broken Delta region. You can loot items from any landmark and POI in the region.

The Broken Delta is located in the southeast of the map. The range of the area is between levels 11 and 20, so do be careful with the enemies you face around there. Some of the specials hurt, but the more basic enemies can still be one-shot with headshot blows with the crossbow or your other favourite weapons. 

Now, it feels like there are a few items that award Standard Parts, which are:

  • Walkie Talkie
  • Radio
  • Router
  • Stock handles
  • And more

The best way I can describe it is if the item has a rather physical appearance, then chances are it will give standard parts and other materials. If the item is more plastic, it will give plastic materials. Then the fabrics will give better fabrics, etc. 

Once you have the types of items we mentioned, then you can return to your base and dismantle them. You should now see Standard Parts start appearing in your disassembly rewards.  You should now start being able to craft those parts you need for your blueprints for tier 2 items. Good luck with your farming and crafting! You’ll likely need Bronze Ingots now, which will need Copper and Tin, among other next-tier items to start crafting these items too. Keep that in mind depending on at you want to make.

When you’re ready to move onto Tier 3 items, you will instead need Refined Parts, which we have a guide on how to get too!

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