How to get fuel in Once Human

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Fuel is an important resource for players’ ability to get around the map. Whether you’re riding your motorcycle, or driving a car, fuel is needed for travel. Thankfully there are a few ways to get fuel in Once Human, and we’ll list all the methods and ideas below.

How to get fuel in Once Human

There are a variety of ways to get fuel in Once Human, such as

  • Fuel Refinery emetic specialization: Turns acid into fuel
  • Looting Portable Mixed Fuel from the back of rundown cars.
  • Oil Refinery objectives on the map are typically PvP areas.
  • Cargo events on the map can contain fuel.
  • Battle pass fuel freebies

Depending on the vehicle you’re driving, fuel will often be slightly different. For example, Premium fuel will fuel the jeep that players can use for their hives. Meanwhile, the Motorcycle takes any old fuel, so you can use the mixed portables and other types. Go to your vehicle and press the refuel button to see what fuel it takes.

Typically, Mixed Portable Fuels can come from your own crafting, or from looting cars. If you unlock the memetic specialisation for Fuel refining, you can turn acid into fuel. Acid is easily acquired from killing the basic enemies and looting them. From there, put that into the meme specialization fuel refinery and convert it into usable fuel.

If you don’t have access to a refinery like that, you can instead loot cars. There are lots of abandoned cars knocking around the map. A really good area is the island to the southeast corner of the map, with many rundown cars all over the roads. Pretty much for any of the main road areas or big infrastructure locations around the map and you’ll find abandoned sedan-looking cars. These typical yellow you to look them to get fuel. Not all cars will allow you to loot them.

If you’re up for some fighting, you can get fuel from the PvP events. On PvP servers, there are large oil refinery battle sites for guilds to control and get Premium fuel from. If you’re not on a PvP server, you’ll find there will be the occasional cargo battle, that can drop various loot to fight over. These are more casual pvp events, so, don’t worry too much about 

Outside of that, those are the main ways to get fuel in Once Human. Good luck with your finds and fueling your vehicles in the future!

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