Is Once Human an MMO?

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✓ At a Glance
  • Once Human has a similar server structure to MMOs.
  • Players can join guilds and form large player communities in-game.
  • The server capacity is around 4000 players.
  • There are server types for PvE and PvP.
  • Seasonal servers so they reset, unlike traditional MMO servers.

Once Human is a MMO-like game, with a server list for players and communities to coalesce around PvP or PvE objectives. With the the game being built, there are lots of MMO-ish features, helping players join communities and work together on projects, alongside server identity, world shards, layering known player names and more. Here’s a closer look at just how MMO-like Once Human is.

Is Once Human an MMO?

Once Human is an MMO-like game. We mean this by saying there are certainly familiarities with the MMORPG genre, however, there are a few differences.

Firstly, players when creating characters will select server and server type. This will be where their main character will progress, and as a result, remain for the season. When you get onto the season, each server will have world layers. To help allow players to build room, alongside congestion for questing areas, events and other things that happen in the large open world. Starry Studios started that the Once Human server capacity is about 4000 players, hence the split into shards for the busy days for campo sites and early game quest, when played eventually spread out.

While on these servers, you can join Warbandfs, which is essentially the guilds feature of the game. These guilds offer players different features like Hives. Hives are where parts of the Warband can come together and build on a much larger pot of land to create super bases to work together crafting, storing and things of that nature. This is important when it comes to some of the end-game PvP systems like the Territorial defence mode for the Echo events. The more space and people to defend, the better your odds are. These events also put you on the map as PvP threat. So, think of it like a Sea of Thieves-type event with PvP enabled.

In addition, there are many activities for warbands to partake in. PvP servers have guild versus guild-type combat, while PvE servers get more world boss-type events. These are important for guild infamy and other server-like features. Morteso, certain areas of the map unite all layers of a server together, so, any player from any shard on that server will see each other for the world map pvp events that players can partake in optionally for more rewards.

A picture off a server list for Once Human.
Like MMOs, Once Human has a server list fitted with population metrics and game mode types. Image via Starry Studio / NetEase.

Not so MMO

So, for those reasons, the Once Human servers are very MMO-like. Yet, in other ways are not. Unlike traditional MMOs, Once Human uses a seasonal server reset system. When the season ends, servers will go offline and servers will start again. Now, you won’t lose all progress, as there’s an eternal world you progress via playing games in regular season content. This gives you permanent structures and ways to bring things into the next season for a headstart.

Also, Starry Studios is aware that as seasons go on, player servers may start declining in population. To make sure players always have other active players, there will be server merges called the Mirror World. Server merges take roughly 30 minutes to complete. When they go back online, any building plots competing for space will go into the person’s stored base settings to redeploy anywhere for free when they next log on. Again, you’re not getting persistent servers like traditional MMO. But, it’s something worth noting since they have contingency for healthy server populations.

If you want the MMO-like experience, we recommend jumping into the Once Human Discord and finding a Warband to play with. That way, you can get the most out of the game and ensure your server or community stays healthy.

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Once Human

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