Once Human motorcycle guide – repair, fuel, & ride

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The motorcycle is one of the first vehicles you will get in Once Human. Players will be able to grab one from the main quest, alongside crafting more motorcycles in the future. This guide will help you learn the basics of how to get a motorcycle, alongside repairing them, fueling them, and even spawning them.

How to get a motorcycle in Once Human

There are two things you can do to get a motorcycle in Once Human

  • Complete the main storyline that takes you to Deadsville.
  • Create a garage in your base and craft a motorcycle yourself.

The first option is the easiest option, as players simply need to follow the main storyline. Do the basic crafting requirements for the main storyline, and then you’ll get sent to the anomaly site. From there, you can meet an NPC, who then wants to meet you at the NPC settlement. From there, you’ll get some more starter quest stuff and, eventually get a bike for your following quests.

If you want to make your own bike, that is fine. You’ll first need to unlock the Garage memetic in your building technology tree, and then create a Garage. From there, you require materials to craft various bike parts under the vehicle crafting section. You’ll need a mixture of copper ingots, and other various disassembly items as resources. This is of course only for the basic parts used to make the lowest quality bike. Make sure you’ve followed the beginner’s guide main quests in-game as you’ll need a basic crafting setup to complete the tasks of making them for yourself.

Once Human Motorcycle: Pitur eof a survivor spawning their motorcycle in their garage in Once Human
Press G on the keyboard to summon your vehicle in Once Human. Image via VideoGamer.

How to ride your motorcycle in Once Human

Once you have a motorcycle, either crafted or one from the main storyline, you cna press and hold G to summon your vehicle. If you got your bike via the main storyline, you’ll have a tutorial about this button. If you crafted your own bike yourself, then you won’t have got this. If for any reason servers restart and your bike disappears, you can also press G to resummon your bike and other vehicles.

When holding G, you should be able to scroll through a list of vehicles you own and summon the one you want to summon. You can also resummon vehicles nearby in case you parked in a spot you don’t intend on returning to.

Once Human Motorcycle: Picture of a menu of vehicles in Once HUman.
You can repair your Motorcycle by going to the garage in your base and checking on the modifications and health of your vehicle. Image via VideoGamer.

How to repair your motorcycle in Once Human 

To repair your bike, you will need to unlock the Garge memetic from the construction tree. Place the garage down in your base, and then access the garage terminal. You shall see the vehicles that you currently one, and from there, able to perform maintenance on them.

When you’re on the Modification screen, you will find a button at the bottom of the menu that says repair. You can also swap out parts on your bike for better parts too. This will replace the faulty parts, and upgrade your bike with new fuel, health, and other vehicle stats too.

Once Human Motorcycle: A picture of a motorcycle in Once Human
If you have fuel in your inventory, you can approach your motorcycle and refuel it using your on-screen buttons. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to get fuel for your motorcycle in Once Human

As you drive around with your bike and other vehicles, you’ll notice the fuel gauge going down. There are a few things to do to refuel your bike, which are:

  • Ultra Refining Facility Memetic Specialization. Allows you to turn acid into fuel.
  • There are late-game areas where you can get premium fuel, such as oil refinery buildings.
  • Looting vehicles
  • Rewards from the PvP events on the map.

There are plenty of ways for all players to get fuel for their motorcycles. So, use whichever one makes the most sense to you for the content you’ve unlocked and or up to in your progression.

When you do have fuel, simply walk up to your motorcycle and interact with it. Having fuel on your person should enable to to refuel the bike and be on your way one gain.

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