How to get Sulfur in Once Human

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✓ At a Glance
  • Sulfur is mined from Sulfur nodes, which show up as rocks with a large yellow, mossy patch
  • These spawn throughout the open world, though not quite as regularly as Copper Ore nodes

Though melee weapons pack a punch in Once Human, you’ll eventually want to pivot to guns for better damage to take on the game’s ever tougher threats and enemies. But, you’ll need ammo, which requires Gunpowder, which itself is crafted using Sulfur, a mineable resource that you’ll want to store in plentiful amounts.

We’ll walk you through how to get Sulfur. For more help surviving in Once Human’s early game with its numerous mechanics, menus, and gear, check out our beginner’s guide and a list of useful tips and tricks to get going on the right foot.

Once Human Sulfur: meta-human near a Sulfur node.
Look out for rocks with off-yellow mossy patches. Captured by VideoGamer

Mining Sulfur

To get Sulfur, you’ll need to mine Sulfur nodes. These spawn relatively frequently throughout the open world, though not quite as often as Copper and Gravel. You’ll spot them by looking out for little groups of grey rocks with a mossy off-yellow, mustard-colour patch on them. There’s no specific area to mine Sulfur, but the nodes tend to show up in the wild, away from buildings, especially in forested areas and near roads and waterways.

To mine Sulfur, approach a node then tap F when you see the prompt to do so. The node will conveniently be marked as Sulfur to help you distinguish them from other types of nodes. Your meta-human will use a pickaxe to mine the Sulfur. Each node gives you between 16 to 20 Sulfur.

How to make Gunpowder

Sulfur is mainly used to craft Gunpowder. To make Gunpowder, you’ll first need to set up a territory base, then build a Supplies Workbench. You’ll need to get the Essential Tools memetic and x30 Log and x20 Copper Ore to construct the Supplies Workbench.

Make sure you have a stock of Sulfur, then open up the Supplies Workbench menu, then select the Gunpowder icon. Each Gunpowder requires x6 Sulfur, x3 Charcoal, and x3 Acid. Use the slider to determine how many Gunpowder you want to make then tap F to start crafting. Each unit of Gunpowder takes 5 seconds to make.

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