How to get iron ore in Once Human

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Iron is one of the various materials that players can find in Once Human. You’ll need various parts to craft some of the higher-tier parts, base structures, and more. However, iron ore is very lucrative to find, often locked away in higher-level areas or via season progression, Here is everything you need to know about getting iron ore in Once Human.

Iron ore locations in Once Human

Iron ore is a material that players can find, identifiable for its rusty iron appearance in the game. Typically, players will start finding the material to mine in the following locations:

  • Iron ore is often found in the Iron River area of the map. This is a level 22 onwards area, which typically unlocks part way into the season.
    • Some decent areas seem to be near the dock and the river is between Dayton and the Windning Ridge Farmland
  • You can also find it in the higher level areas like Redsands and Chalk areas, typically spawning along with ores like Aluminium and Tungsten.

You’ll need a bronze pickaxe to mine iron ore. You can create those by unlocking the bronze tools memetic, and then craft bronze using tin and copper ore together in a smelter.

If you are having trouble mining it, there are other methods to acquire the material. It is possible for players to acquire themselves a Digby. This is a Deviant that players can capture and place inside those fish tank devices. When placed inside one, you’ll essentially capture it, and it will then randomly go and look for minable materials around the wider area. This can include getting the likes of tin ore, copper ore, gravel, silver ore and iron ore. 

Once Human Iron Ore: a type of creature you can use to mine iron for you passively.
Players can acquire Digbys and place them in the Independent Secure Units to use power and mine ores like iron for you. Image captured via VideoGamer.

To get a Dingby, you can mine silver ore yourself. They have a chance to spawn from silver ore. You’ll be able to find clumps of silver ore around the Dayton Wetlands, aka the starter area very easily. Look for the tin/silver-looking rocks with metal clumps attached to them to get silver ore. Some good locations include the road between Aiden’s Hideout and Throughville. The river bed area of the Dayton Wetlands is also a good spot too from personal experience.

You can also mine it from the Lucky Drill Memeatic specialization props to passively gain ore of all varieties, including iron ore.

It’s also important to note that players will struggle to get this material at the start of new seasonal servers. The reason why is that the map expands over time. The areas where you often mine iron ore typically unlock a short while after a season begins. Check your season progression in the season tab to see if you have unlocked the main iron ore areas of the map as listed above.

Once you have iron ore, you can smelt it to unlock new tools and craft new blueprints. Or you can make better vehicle parts for motorcycles and cars or other base-building features.

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