Once Human Bunker Access Card Walkthrough

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The Bunker Access POI in Once Human is a lootable area that requires a keycard to open it. Depending on what you do first, you may find the Bunker Access Card wall scan at Aiden’s Hideout POI, or you may get the card first. No matter which way you’ve found this POI, this guide will help you get into the bunker and find the Bunker Access Card.

How to get the Bunker Access Card in Once Human

To get the Bunker Access Card, you need to kill one of the enemies inside the Thoughville POI.

  1. Thoughville is located in the centre of Dayton Wetlands area on the map.
  2. Head into the centre of Thoughville
  3. You should find a white sandbag area with a rusted metal wall and a barrel with spikes next to it.
  4. Look for a mutant zombie enemy-type enemy that spawns in that area, wearing white pants and a black blazer.
  5. Kill the zombie enemy and it should drop a purple item
  6. Pick up the item, and you’ll get yourself the Bunker Access Card.

From there, you now need to find the Bunker, located at Aiden’s hideout. Be advised that you need to stock up on an explosive of some sort. The basic lootable grenades should work fine. You’ll need these to properly loot the Bunker later. If you enter and trigger the event inside, you’ll get locked out and won’t be able to loot again, at least based on beta and demo gameplay. Now that you have the grenade or explosive you can find the bunker at the following instructions.

  1. Follow the dirt road to the east of Thoughville and follow it northeast to the main road. 
  2. Travel north on the first road from that main road between the two cliffsides.
  3. Turn left when you reach Aiden’s Hideout and follow the road to a bunker door.
  4. Hold ‘F’ on the bunker access door panel to use the keycard and enter.

Bunker Access Door Loot

Now you’re inside, feel free to loot the main bunker area as normal. However, part way through, you should find a collapsed cave wall in the corner. If you throw a grenade at the rock, it will destroy it, and trigger a gas event that floods the area with a deadly chemical. Make sure to run inside that room, and loot the four chests inside to get all the loot. There’s one in each room, with one of the rooms having to chests to loot. Now, you need to run out of the bunker as fast as you can to avoid the deadly gas. 

Once you escape the Bunker, it should lock behind you and you won’t have access to it anymore. Hence the need to loot the main area first before blowing up the wall.

With all that, you should now have completed the Bunker Access Door and got all the rewards from it. If you want more help with Once Human, why not check out our Once Human Tips and Beginner’s Guide

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