NBA 2K24 best teams to rebuild – Top 5 ranked

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What the best teams to rebuild in NBA 2K24? With NBA 2K24 launching last week, many fans have been soaking in all the new modes and features the game has to offer. And though MyCAREER and MyTEAM are likely on the top of the list for most of the community, there’s several fans that have also grown to enjoy the other team-building modes NBA 2K24 has to offer, including that of MyNBA and MyLEAGUE.

NBA 2K24 arrived not even a week ago, and right off the bat, fans are already eager to see which new locker codes the game will have to offer this year. But for those that are not into the free rewards they can secure in MyCAREER and MyTEAM, and are after an engaging, fun experience in MyNBA or MyLEAGUE, you might be curious which teams are best to rebuild in NBA 2K24. And if that’s on your mind, we got just what you’re looking for, and provide our Top 5 teams we recommend to rebuild here.

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NBA 2K24 best teams to rebuild criteria

The word ‘rebuild’ is one that has a clearcut definition, but in the sports universe, has plenty of elasticity to it. What we mean by that is when it comes to asking yourself, which teams are best to rebuild in NBA 2K24, the meaning behind the word ‘rebuild’ becomes one of interpretation depending on what we deem as rebuild worthy.

For example, rebuilding for most fans and experts alike means transforming the worst teams in the league that maybe have a star or two they can build around into a feared championship dynasty. While for others, rebuilding might consist of improving a team into a better one like the Toronto Raptors, who despite having star talent, are in the midst of a rebuild to become a legitimate playoff contender following their NBA Championship Title win in 2019.

Because rebuilding is a process that has several stages, we here at VideoGamer decided to provide five teams from different stages down below that make for the best to rebuild into championship contenders.

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NBA 2K24 best teams to rebuild list

This guide is for those that plan on playing in the current era for MyNBA or MyLEAGUE in NBA 2K24.

Here’s our Top 5 best teams to rebuild in NBA 2K24:

Washington Wizards84 OVR
San Antonio Spurs86 OVR
Detroit Pistons89 OVR
Brooklyn Nets89 OVR
Indiana Pacers90 OVR

The selection of teams fans can rebuild in NBA 2K24 is extensive. At the top of our list we have an ailing Wizards team that has completed numerous rebuild attempts over the last decade only to be the worst overall rated in NBA 2K24.

The Spurs are home to the most exciting new player in the NBA, with that being none other than rookie Victor Wembanyama, while the Pistons are home to some of the bright group of young stars seeking to repeat their success from their 2004 Championship Season.

On that note, here’s a look at our Top 5 and why we have each team on this best to rebuild list.

Wizards – 84 overall

If you’re really after that authentic ‘start-from-scratch’ rebuild process in NBA 2K24, look no further than the Wizards. With franchise player Bradley Beal now gone, fans will have to rebuild around players such as Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma, while grooming young French rookie Bilal Couliably into the star he can be. The Wizards also have the worst defense in NBA 2K24. So not only would you need to find a new franchise player, but you would need to improve your defense game immensely as well. This rebuild could take you easily 2-3 full seasons to complete as far as bringing back the Wizards to the playoffs, and even longer if you’re after an NBA Title.

Spurs – 86 overall

If you’re after a bit more fun but still want to grind through a hefty rebuild process, the Spurs are really the perfect fit. Playing with Wembanyama will be a world of fun, as you elevate his overall from an 84 to 95+. And the Spurs have plenty of young talent around him in forwards Jeremy Sochan and Keldon Johnson, while still providing plenty of areas to rebuild, particularly their backcourt. Is it as vigorous a rebuild in comparison to taking on the Wizards, not in the slightest. However, the balance of fun yet being able to experience what a rebuild is like as the Spurs seek to bounce back after landing the first overall pick in 2023 NBA Draft, leaves plenty for you still to do as you set out to reignite the dynasty reign the Spurs had in the early 2000s.

Pistons – 89 overall

The Pistons come with a diverse set of young talent. And over the last decade plus, have been working tirelessly at changing the narrative around their team and franchise aspirations. After landing first overall pick Cade Cunningham two years ago, the Pistons have also had the luxury of not only drafting fifth overall pick Jaden Ivey, but also selected rookie Ausar Thompson with the fifth overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft. On top of having three of the best prospects in the NBA, the Pistons are also home to two great young centers in Jalen Duren and James Wiseman, topping off loads of potential this team comes with. With these great young players in place, it will be up to you to see to it that the remaining rebuild measures are met as you strive to bring this team back to the playoffs.

Nets – 89 overall

With the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving era now over in Brooklyn, the Nets have quite the rebuild project on their hands. Though it helps to have franchise building blocks such as Mikal Bridges, Nicolas Claxton and Cameron Johnson, there’s a lot of unanswered questions and holes this team has to address should they want to become a dangerous playoff threat once more. The Nets have always had to grapple with being in the shadow of the New York Knicks, and with Durant and Irving gone, that’s become the case once more. In NBA 2K24, you can change that narrative and rebuild the Nets into a key playoff powerhouse.

Pacers – 90 overall

Although they are the easiest team to rebuild and come with the best overall on this list, the Pacers are still a great team to work with and for a handful of key reasons. For starters, Tyrese Haliburton makes for a special franchise player to build around, coming with loads of potential. But in addition, it’s playmakers such as Myles Turner and Buddy Hield that provide a level of structure to this Pacers team that will allow you to grow while filling in the missing parts elsewhere in the backcourt and in the power forward position. It’s an easier rebuild but certainly a worthwhile one that comes with plenty to do.

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