NBA 2K24 MyTEAM – New player market, season changes, and much more

NBA 2K24 MyTEAM – New player market, season changes, and much more
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NBA 2K has released the newest edition of its series, which includes the community favorite NBA 2K24 MyTEAM mode. With each release over the last three plus years, NBA 2K has taken the time and diligence to tap into their creativity and deliver better improvements for MyTEAM, and that really came to life in NBA 2K23.

With the NBA 2K24 release date now here, fans have seen all the reveals go live, including on the new gameplay features and MyNBA mode, and are now able to get stuck into the action. Along with the popular MyCAREER single player experience, MyTEAM is one of the most entertaining game modes, and will likely be a hit once more in NBA 2K24.

We cover all the new details that have arrived in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM down below.


NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Details

In case some of you are new to MyTEAM in NBA 2K, this fun and engaging online mode is based on collecting player card items that you can use to assemble your best squads to play with. If you’re familiar with Ultimate Team for Madden, FIFA, or NHL, or perhaps play Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 23, MyTEAM is the NBA 2K version of those modes, allowing fans to unlock or purchase elite player cards spanning multiple eras to form their favorite fantasy squads they can use to compete with in single or multiplayer modes.

Last year in NBA 2K23, various great new changes were introduced into the mode, such as the removal of contracts. Although NBA 2K23 MyTEAM did a great job, there’s always something that could be tweaked on or improved to make the mode even better than the year prior. And this year, NBA 2K24 MyTEAM is delivering several whole scale changes, delivering a newly designed MyTEAM experience that could make for one of the best in the series’ history. Here’s what you need to know.

MyTEAM Points & Launch Gem Colors

One of the most significant changes coming to MyTEAM this year is how fans will earn MyTEAM Points (MTP) and how much when playing games. With every game that fans play, they will receive MTP and much improved earn rates for all the modes. This is a big change because the increments of MTP in the past that you would receive, was skimpy and it made it difficult to save up.

As far as launch gem colors go, the top rewards in MyTEAM in Seasons 1 and 2 will max out at the 92-94 Diamond threshold, and there will only be a select few in the first season. Some of the best player items to start will consist of those from the Five-Player Option Pack Box fans can secure by pre ordering the Mamba Edition, as well as an exclusive Ruby Giannis Antetokounmpo item that comes with the Pro Pass or Hall of Fame Pass. To top it off, the Free Pass Season level rewards grant you the chance to unlock a Diamond Player reward item at Level 40.

New Player Market & Pack Market

A big point of contention for fans in MyTEAM over the years, was that of the Auction House. Steep prices often limited you to securing lower tier players until the ones you wanted became affordable, and NBA 2K24 MyTEAM decided to change that by taking out the Auction House and adding in a new Player Market that will grant you access to nearly every player item available.

When using the Player Market, you will find that each item will be available with transparent prices and will come with your choice of VC or MTP. And should you find yourself short on MTP for a card you’re after, NBA 2K24 MyTEAM will now allow you to make up the difference by being able to purchase MTP for the first time ever.

In addition, MyTEAM will be home to a new ‘Deal of the Day’ feature, will which make a different released player item available at a discount each day. And the amount of MTP fans can get for quick-selling a player card will be the highest it has ever been in MyTEAM.

Regarding the new Pack Market, new releases will not only feature better odds for rare player items, but will also include more options for guaranteed pulls with fan-favorite pack types. In other words, more Equal Chance and Options Packs will be available with the releases, which is a game changer seeing these packs can be pricy as is. Lastly, Holo cards will still be arriving via the Pack Market, but this year, come with a massive 4x multiplier for the player’s value, making a standard five figure item shoot up to a six figure quick-sell.


Season Changes & Rewards

Along with these first two changes, the next biggest has to be how players will be able to earn XP in MyTEAM. With Season level cross-progression now shared between MyCAREER and MyTEAM, it will be much easier to level up by not only playing both modes, but also much more enjoyable in MyTEAM. This year, all fans will need to do to in order to earn XP, is play games, simple as that.

Win or lose, every game you complete will progress you closer to leveling up during that given season. For the very first time, MyTEAM will now be able to run Double XP Limited Time Events across all of its modes, allowing fans to reap in more rewards than ever before. And if you thought of it already, seasonal 2XP Coins are also coming to MyTEAM as well, allowing you to cash in on twice the amount of XP for a limited time from the season that’s active at the time. Keep in mind though that 2XP Coins are only valid in the Season you receive them in, so it will be key of you to use them all before they expire.

To kickoff the first season in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, fans will be able to unlock a 90 OVR LeBron James Free Agent item at Level 1. Prize basketballs will be available along the reward path as you progress your way to the Level 40 94 OVR Diamond Kyrie Irving reward, and the fan-favorite Ascension Board be will be back as well. Lastly, Tokens will now come with better prizes and will not be available as frequently, which is a big change. And to cap it off, Tokens will now expire at the end of each season.

Salary Cap & Multiplayer Modes

First and foremost, crossplay is coming to NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, which is huge. This means corresponding generation platforms will be able to play against each other, shortening queues and matchmaking times across all modes.

Arriving on the scene for the first time this year is the new Salary Cap mode. For every season, Salary Cap mode will be split into three, two-week rounds. Each round comes with its own leaderboard, salary limit for lineups, and exclusive rewards. In Season 1, every round will have its own Ruby player reward item, and if you earn all three in Season 1, you will receive an Amethyst Victor Oladipo reward card.

Though the lineup salary limit remains constant for each two-week round, the individual salaries of players can fluctuate multiple times per week based on each individual card’s usage. In other words, a player’s salary may go up or down depending on how well you play with them. Moreover, Salary Cap games have a brand-new format that emulates the All-Star game. Upon establishing a fixed score ending at halftime, 24 points will be added to the leading score at the half. And the first team to reach that target score wins the game.

Lastly, Championship Weekends are returning to Unlimited. And though Draft and Limited are not coming back, Triple Threat Online, Clutch Time Online, and Triple Threat Online: Co-Op will all be in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM.


Coach Card Boosts

Coach Cards in MyTEAM are an underrated feature, and this year, will be receiving a revamped change that will make them much more desirable. In previous NBA 2K editions, Coach Cards were bound by a specific system. However, in NBA 2K24, each Coach Card will have new triggers and effects that can now feature a unique boost in certain game situations.

The coolest example of this is the exclusive Amethyst Kobe Bryant Coach Card, which you can unlock for completing the Mamba Moments mode. When equipping this Kobe Coach card, Coach Mamba will improve all of your players’ Blinders badges to at least Gold, while players who already have a Blinders badge will have theirs turn into Hall of Fame during the entire 4th quarter of a game. Each Coach will have a different boost that will be triggered a certain way, adding in a whole new level of strategy into this fun game mode.

Getting Started & Shattered Prizes

This year in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, fans will be receiving a new Starters Kit for the very first time. That’s right! This year you will be able to select your favorite team’s Starter Kit to unlock current Franchise Cards, which will come with their uniforms, court, arena, logo, and five additional Gold ‘24 NBA: Series 1 Player Cards from that team. This Starter Kit also includes a your selected team’s Evolution Starter player item (1 of 30 available) that start as a Gold item and can evolve to an Emerald after completing their requirements.

Once you pick your Starters Kit and name your team, you will receive a Welcome to MyTEAM Pack which will reward you an Emerald Derek Fisher item. This specific item you will need to use to complete a Welcome to MyTEAM agenda, which will entail of a variety of different tasks. Along the way as you complete each task, you will earn Shattered Prize pieces to assemble the Welcome to MyTEAM reward, Sapphire Robert Horry.

This new feature is brand-new in NBA 2K24 and is exactly what it sounds like. Depending on the reward and its corresponding agenda, fans will be able to unlock Shattered Prize pieces to assemble new player rewards, with these pieces appearing in many different places, including within various mini games.

On top of these new features, fans will also be able to save and create specific lineups for certain modes. So if you really love a certain three players for Triple Threat Online, you will be able to make a special lineup just for that that’s ready to go whenever you need it.

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Does NBA 2K24 have MyTEAM?

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