NBA 2K24 MyNBA – LeBron James Era, new features, and more

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The NBA 2K24 MyNBA reveal went live, introducing a whole new dimension of NBA history fans can immerse in and recreate. Last year in NBA 2K23, fans were able to experience the Eras feature for the very first time in MyNBA, allowing for players to enjoy a completely new realm of franchise building by placing you in a legendary basketball era of your choosing.

With the NBA 2K24 release date just weeks away, the reveals for the new game have begun to ramp up, with several player ratings and the new gameplay features already live for fans to check out. Well, to delight of the NBA 2K Community, NBA 2K24 chose to reveal what its engaging MyNBA mode will entail of for next-generation users this year. And if that’s what you came for, then you’ve arrived just at the right place. Here, we detail all you need to know about MyNBA in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Eras

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Details

Upon introducing the MyNBA Eras feature last year in NBA 2K23, the fan reaction and feedback from next-generation users was overwhelmingly positive. Fans for the very first time could pick one of four different NBA Eras to dominate in, and recreate the history that shaped that epic time period as we know it today.

Last year, fans had four different eras to choose from. However, this year NBA 2K24 is adding another era into the mix to go along with several other important changes to its MyNBA mode as well. So without another moments delay, here’s a look at all the new details we can expect to find in NBA 2K24’s MyNBA mode per NBA 2K.

The LeBron James ERA

As alluded to in the intro above, NBA 2K24 is adding a new era for its MyNBA mode, which is none other than the popular LeBron James Era. Upon selecting this new time period, your journey will start in the year 2010 as you look to recreate the dominance LeBron and his new big three partnership with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh unleashed with the Miami Heat, or aim to crush their title aspirations with a different team of that era.

Along with building your franchise’s new legacy, fans will also have the opportunity to recreate the outcome of the historic 2011 NBA Draft. For those that don’t remember, the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, and Jimmy Butler were among the best players that came out of that draft class, granting you a fresh new opportunity to select or trade for one of your favorite NBA superstars of this past decade.

New MyNBA Features

A couple of the biggest new features that NBA 2K24 is adding to its MyNBA mode is that of an aging effect and new tabloid design to evoke feelings from that given generation. Regarding the aging effect, the longer you play with a given team, the more you’ll notice the features of your players changing. So for example, Kobe Bryant will have hair in the early 2000s, but come the mid-2000s, will be bald. This will not only apply to Kobe, but to all superstars as well.

The second biggest change is the new tabloid design that NBA 2K24 decided to incorporate into MyNBA this year. So starting in the Magic vs Bird Era, you will receive newspaper briefs that breakdown a recent game you played, which will include in-game stats and other pertinent details. But as you transition out of their time period and into the social media era, old websites that give box scores and player stats will pop up instead, bringing a new level of authenticity to the game mode that will make it even better than before.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Eras

MyNBA Online

The main change to MyNBA Online, which allows you create leagues with your friends and compete against each other online, is making it more organised and role-based. Last year in NBA 2K23, admins predominately shared the same level of control as regular users, which granted regular competitors a little too much power to execute decisions they shouldn’t be able to.

This year, NBA 2K24 is incorporating a much more organised and solidified structure, which will look like this come 2K Day:

  • Commissioner – The league owner can do everything
  • Admin – Have all normal permissions, plus a few special permissions like trade veto/approval and rule change veto/approval
  • Time Manager – Can pause, edit or add new timers
  • Gameplay Tuner – Can edit large scale things that affect gameplay for the whole league, like sliders
  • Attribute Editor – Can edit anything on a player that impacts gameplay like Vitals, attributes and badges
  • Designer – Can create and edit team jerseys, arena and logos
  • Appearance Editor – Can edit anything on a player that doesn’t directly impact gameplay

MyNBA Lite

The NBA MyNBA Lite feature is a great one for those simply looking to waste no time having to deal with the nitty gritty of running a team and just want to play with the minimal responsibilities.

In other words, fans who opt for the MyNBA Lite experience will be able to make trades without CBA restrictions, can extend contracts when they choose to, will have 100% accuracy and visibility on the upcoming draft classes, won’t need to worry about scouting, and will experience a more condensed offseason that will come with a much shorter free agency period.

So if you’re looking for a streamlined way to enjoy this mode without too many GM responsibilities that might slow you down from enjoying the best parts that come with it, MyNBA Lite will be the best choice for you when you dive into the mode come launch.

2023 NBA CBA

Last but not least, NBA 2K24 is including the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, which runs to 2029-2030, into its MyNBA mode. And in order to make its MyNBA mode as real-life as possible, NBA 2K added several big ticket items fans will now get to experience firsthand when running their teams in MyNBA.

Here’s a look at the changes players will now have to account for:

  • Luxury tax brackets scale with the salary cap.
  • Cap smoothing prevents more than a 10% increase per year
  • Increased value from the Mid-Level Exceptions (MLEs)
  • Increased the number of two-way roster slots from two to three
  • Restricted Free Agent (RFA) qualifying offers increased by 10%
  • Adjusted the RFA Right of First Refusal period to 24 hours
  • Rookie-scale extensions last five years
  • Teams can always sign second-round picks
  • Teams can have any number of Supermax contracts, only limited by the salary cap
  • All-NBA teams are positionless

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