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MW2 – Best Stocks

Modern Warfare 2

Stocks are an understated attachment type in MW2, but definitely not one you want to sleep on. Stocks won’t necessarily boost your damage , but they do the important work of stabilising your chosen weapon, speeding up your gameplay in several key areas.

We’ll give you the rundown on the best stocks you can equip in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, so you’ll be able to enter any lobby confident that you’re as prepared as possible.

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All Stocks In Mw2

MW2 All Stocks
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Below, you’ll find every Stock attachment available for use in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Corio Precio Factory
  • Demo Precision Elite Factory
  • TV Cardinal Stock
  • TV LPX-434
  • Tactique Brute Stock
  • Demo D50 Buffer Tube
  • Demo Quicksilver Collapsed
  • Demo Quicksilver Stock
  • Ravage-8
  • Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Tempus P80 Strike Stock
  • TV Ballast Stock
  • TV XLINE Pro
  • Kastov-Rama
  • FT TAC-Elite Stock
  • VLK Stockless
  • OTREZAT Stock
  • Markeev R7 Stock
  • Meer Recoil-56 Factory Stock
  • LM-S Factory G79 Stock
  • XRK Specter Mod
  • FTAC EZX-Pro
  • Assault-60 Stock Factory
  • Heavy Support Stock
  • Assault-60 Stock
  • Demo RXT Stock
  • LM Precision Stock
  • VEL A-568 Collapsed
  • ProLite TL3 Stock
  • KSTV-RPK Factory
  • Ivanov Wood Stock
  • Bryson Streamline
  • ZLR T70 Pad Extension
  • PVZ-890 Tac Stock
  • LM Stockless Mod
  • FT Mobile Stock
  • FTAC Apollo Stock
  • Lachmann S76 Factory Stock
  • Bruen MX9 Stock
  • Bruen HCR 56 Stock
  • Spetsnaz S10 Stock
  • RAPP-762 Factory
  • Lachmann S9 Factory
  • ZRL T70 Pad Extension
  • Bryson Inforcer Stock
  • Cut Off Stock Mod
  • Demo VX509 Stock
  • Lockwood Bullseye Stock

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Best Stocks in MW2

Corio Precio Factory

A heavy stock that provides an impressive boost to both aiming stability and recoil control. This stock will modify high-caliber weapons and ensure that your shots connect as often as possible.

The drawback to this stock is a penalty to speed all around, including sprinting, crouching and ADS. While this isn’t enough to drag down the overall merits of this stock, it’s something worth considering and working around.


Demo Quicksilver Stock

A complete opposite to the Corio Precio Factory, the Demo Quicksilver is a lightweight stock that boosts your speed to the detriment of aim stability and recoil. The Demo quicksilver is a stock for fast-paced, run-and-gun gameplay. ADS, sprint speed and aim walking are all given a boost, allowing you to modify your weapons for on-the-move engagements.

ProLite TL3 Stock

Another speed boosting option, the ProLite TL3 will significantly increase the pace of your gameplay in MW2, allowing snap-fire with greatly reduced ADS times and boosted movement options besides.

Stock FAQ

What Are The Best Stocks In MW2?

The Corio Precio Factory, Demo Quicksilver Stock, and ProLite TL3 Stock are the best stocks available in Modern Warfare 2.