MW3 – How to prestige in Modern Warfare 3

MW3 – How to prestige in Modern Warfare 3
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How do you prestige in Modern Warfare 3? Prestige ranks have always been the way to show your skills and dedication in Call of Duty games. Past games have also had the Prestige Shop and used Prestige Tokens to permanently unlock gear.

Maximize your abilities as you level up in the latest interaction of CoD by knowing how to get 2 primary weapons. You can also check our MW3 weapons list so you can choose the best assault rifle, shotgun, or light machine gun that is best for you.

What does prestige get you in MW3? Do you get an extra custom class? How about prestige icons? Here is everything you need to know about the prestige mode in MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 Prestige mode explained

The developers at Activision have mentioned the leveling system for Modern Warfare 3. Thanks to posts on the Call of Duty Blog, the progression system is very similar to that in MW2. During the MW3 beta, the max level was 30. With the release of the full game, the maximum level is assumed to be 55.

Thanks to the carry forward initiative, many of the weapons, maps, and systems are being carried into MW3. As you compete in the different game modes and complete match objectives and daily challenges you will earn XP that will carry you to the maximum level.

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During a season, you will be able to reach the maximum level set for said season. Once this happens, you will stop leveling and earn all the rewards for that season. When a new season drops, you will continue to earn prestige XP and obtain new prestige levels until you reach the next level cap.

Previous Call of Duty games had you reset your level and stats each time you reached the maximum level. This would earn you bonuses like an additional class slot, badges, and more.

Thanks to the carry-forward system, your items from MW2 will carry over into MW3. This means that if you have a set of weapons that still need to be leveled up, you can continue to level them in MW3.

Each time you reach the next prestige level, you will get a prestige emblem.

That is everything you need to know about the level system in MW3. Check out our MW3 map list so you can see where you will be battling. You might also want to know how to get a nuke in MW3. That way you can blow away the competition.

Does Modern Warfare 3 have a prestige mode?

Yes. Based on the Call of Duty blog posts, the system is similar to the one used in Modern Warfare 2.

How do you prestige quickly in Modern Warfare 3?

The fastest way to gain XP in Modern Warfare 3 is to complete objectives, kill opposing players, and complete challenges.