MW3 max level cap – how high can players go

MW3 max level cap – how high can players go
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Wondering about the MW3 max level? Like earlier titles, Modern Warfare 3 also implements a level cap to rank up in the game’s multiplayer.

Higher levels let you gain access to better weapons for assembling the best MW3 loadouts. You’ll earn them as you work towards the MW3 battle pass.

What is the max level cap in MW3

At launch, the max level in Modern Warfare 3 is Rank 55. While this might seem lower than earlier Call of Duty entries, you can still rank even higher with the Prestige mechanic. However, it’s not currently in the game and is expected to release with the game’s first season. Expect this to further raise the level cap in the game and offer even more rewards to players. 

Rewards for higher levels include new weapons, gear, and killstreak options. This lets you diversify your offensive capabilities across the game’s maps and modes. MW3’s campaign also gives you XP boosts that let you reach these milestones in a short amount of time.

That covers the max level cap in MW3. Read up on our KV Inhibitor loadout guide in MW3 if you’re keen on sniping enemies from afar. If this weapon isn’t to your liking, we’ve also got a Longbow loadout guide in MW3. These are great, especially on longer-range maps. But they can cover you as you snipe nearby enemies as well. Use these to gain levels and hit Modern Warfare 3’s max level cap quickly.