*UPDATED* Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Missions

*UPDATED* Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Missions
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Modern Warfare 2 offers incredible action in both its single and multiplayer modes.

The campaign provides propulsive, globe-trotting set-pieces, and the multiplayer is a blisteringly fast-paced example of what Call of Duty does best.

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But these aren’t the only gameplay modes available to you. Spec Ops is back, bringing co-op action to the forefront once more in Modern Warfare 2. 

Players will no doubt be curious as to what Spec Ops missions are available this time around, and we’re here to give you all the important details.  

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Missions

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Stealth
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Modern Warfare 2 will be launching with three Spec Ops missions available. While this is perhaps a more limited number than expected, hopefully, these missions will be more polished as a result. We’ve listed and detailed each of the Spec Ops missions available at launch below: 

Low Profile 

Low Profile will be the ideal Spec Ops mission for players who gravitate towards Modern Warfare 2’s stealthier missions like Wetwork and Alone.

In Low Profile, you’ll be infiltrating a town to recover important information from Al Qatali, and you won’t get far if you attempt to go in guns-blazing.

Sneaking and careful planning is the name of the game here. 

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Denied Area 

If you can’t be bothered with all that quiet movement and stealth takedowns, Denied Area might be more your speed.

Blaze through the streets in a vehicle, destroy surface-to-air turrets, and get to evac in one piece, allowing your reinforcements to move in and mop up. Get in, get wild, get out.  

Defender: Mt Zaya 

Spec Ops Defense
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The final mission coming to Modern Warfare 2 at launch is a classic Horde Mode.

Featuring a stand-off against waves of enemies slowly increasing in strength, weapons to buy, and fortifications to build, this may well be the Spec Ops map offering the most replay value. 

For those Modern Warfare 2 players desperate for Zombies mode to make an appearance, Defender: Mt Zaya might just scratch your survival itch. 

High Ground

Added in Season 1, High Ground challenges you to locate and extract three hard drives, with the twist of putting you in two teams to achieve this goal.

One of the teams will be piloting an attack chopper, being sure to clear out the land mines for the ground team. Said Ground Assault Team meanwhile has to infiltrate a series of enemy buildings to retrieve the hard drives themselves.

Gun Game: Mt Zaya

While this isn’t a ‘new’ map per se, it is counted as a separate mission. You return to Mt Zaya just like in the Defender version, only this time you’ll earn new weapons as you rack up the kills.

Spec Ops FAQ 

How Many Spec Ops Maps Are In Modern Warfare 2? 

Modern Warfare 2 will have 3 Spec Ops missions at launch, with more set to arrive in future updates. 2 more arrived in Season 1, making a current total of 5. 

Will Modern Warfare 2 Get More Spec Ops Missions Post-Launch? 

Yes. As part of season updates, many more Spec Ops maps are set to be added in the coming months, entirely for free.