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Midnight Suns Surprise Birthday Party – Nico or Magik?

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Midnight Suns places just as much weight on the social side of its gameplay as it does the intricate card-based combat that comprises its missions. The younger members of the Midnight Suns are already a tight-knit bunch before the Avengers move into the Abbey. And early in the game Nico Minoru decides to throw a surprise birthday party for her laconic teammate, Magik. 

This might not seem like a questline that could have dire ramifications, but deciding what choice to make will likely plague players who are just getting to know these characters and want to avoid alienating anyone. 

We’ll walk you through whether to side with Nico or Magik in the Surprise Party questline for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns Surprise Birthday Party Setup 

Midnight Suns Surprise Birthday
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Getting to the party to begin with can take some time, as the preparations can only be done one day at a time. 

First off, Nico will ask you to speak to Robbie Reyes, who will choose the gifts for Magik’s party. Robbie will happily agree, and you’ll move onto the next stage of the quest. 

From the next day onwards, you will be able to speak to Blade about decorations for the party. And here’s where the difficult choices come in. Blade will tell you that Magik hates surprises, putting the onus on The Hunter whether to inform Magik of the party, knowing that this will make Nico unhappy. 


You now have a choice between informing Magik right away or saying nothing and keeping Nico’s secrets until the party itself. 

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Midnight Suns Surprise Birthday Party – Magik or Nico 

Caretaker Hunter Magik
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Thankfully, there is a clear best choice to be made in terms of mitigating friendship loss, and that’s telling Magik about the party. If you keep the information a secret, Magik will be upset with both Nico and The Hunter later in the questline, and you will lose friendship points with her as a result. Telling Magik ahead of time results in her only being angry with Nico. 

And for players worrying that this will put them at a disadvantage with Nico, we have good news for you. Despite Blade hinting otherwise, you will not lose friendship points with Nico for forewarning Magik about the party. She’s an understanding sort, after all. 

Outcome differences 

Point loss aside, the same scene plays out regardless of how you choose to address the party. Magik will be upset and leave the party midway through.  

When choosing how to deal with the fallout, it’s best to remember how Magik’s friendship in Midnight Suns operates. While many characters would appreciate The Hunter following and checking up on them, Magik needs her space and will respond better if left alone to recover in this instance. 

Surprise Party FAQ 

Side with Nico or Magik Midnight Suns? 

Tell Magik about the surprise party to avoid losing friendship points with her in Midnight Suns. 

How to start surprise party quest Midnight Suns? 

Speaking with Nico from Act 1 onwards in Midnight Suns will eventually trigger the Surprise Party quest.