Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass rewards

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass rewards
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The Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass rewards are here, and there’s plenty of prizes fans will want to get their hands on. Following an adventurous and engaging Season 1 experience in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, it’s time to pursue a new set of rewards and player items in Season 2. And from the looks of it, Season 2 comes baring a significantly better collection of prizes fans will have fun working towards.

Over the course of Season 1, Madden 24 Ultimate Team was home to some great promos, including the Ultimate Kickoff and Campus Heroes Programs. But in Season 2, fans will have the opportunity to unlock a whole new wave of better player items, including those from the new Hispanic Heritage Month Program. With Season 2’s release now underway, many of you are likely curious about the new rewards from the Field Pass. And in this guide, we go over just about all of them.

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass details

The Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass went live with Season 2 today, October 4, at 12PM EST / 5PM GMT and will run for 42 days. Though it’s not as big as the previous, the Season 2 Field Pass certainly comes with a better selection of rewards from start to finish. Consisting of 55 Levels, the Season 2 Field Pass offers a wide variety of goodies, from MUT Coin, Fantasy Packs, Upgradable Player Items, and much more.

To unlock these prizes, fans will need to complete various objectives that reward you with Season 2 XP, whether it’s ones related to in-game stats, solo battles, or other modes. As you complete these objectives and garner more XP, you will be able to progress your way through the Season 2 rewards path and secure the items you’re after.

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass rewards

The Madden 24 Field Pass rewards list is extensive. And along it, you will be able to unlock a total of five player items, two of which you can upgrade to higher overall versions. These two player items are Aaron Donald, who you can upgrade from an 86 OVR to an 88 OVR, and Randy Moss, who you can upgrade from an 83 OVR to a max 91 OVR.

With Season 2 now here, let’s have a look at the full set of rewards Madden 24 Ultimate Team has to offer in their new Field Pass, excluding all the Gold Player Packs and 10K MUT Coin prizes for the sake of community interest.

Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass rewards list

Randy Moss (WR) – 83 OVRLevel 1 (Login Reward)
Aaron Donald (DT) – 86 OVRLevel 5
Random Strategy ItemLevel 7
Playmaker PackLevel 8
Randy Moss Upgrade ItemLevel 10
Random Strategy ItemLevel 13
Max Fantasy PackLevel 14
Jason Kelce (C) – 88 OVRLevel 15
Random Strategy ItemLevel 17
Playmaker PackLevel 18
Randy Moss Upgrade ItemLevel 20
Random Strategy ItemLevel 22
Max Fantasy PackLevel 23
Aaron Donald Upgrade ItemLevel 25
Playmaker PackLevel 26
Pro Playmaker PackLevel 28
Randy Moss Upgrade ItemLevel 30
Max Fantasy PackLevel 32
Pro Max Fantasy PackLevel 34
Travis Kelce (TE) – 89 OVRLevel 35
Max Fantasy PackLevel 37
Star Elite PackLevel 39
Randy Moss Upgrade ItemLevel 40
Playmaker PackLevel 42
Pro Playmaker PackLevel 44
Micah Parsons (ROLB) – 90 OVRLevel 45
Star Elite PackLevel 47
Playmaker PackLevel 49
Randy Moss Upgrade ItemLevel 50
Star Elite PackLevel 52
Season 3 XP CollectibleLevel 53
Triumphant Elite PackLevel 55

These are only 32 of the 55 total prizes you can unlock from the Madden 24 Season 2 Field Pass. For those looking to save up MUT Coin, there’s plenty along the Field Pass, including two 20K increments at Levels 51 and 54. The more objectives you complete, the more XP you will earn, and in turn, the more rewards you will unlock. And ultimately, the best the new Field Pass has to offer.

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