Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1 – Launch date and players

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1 – Launch date and players
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The Madden 24 Most Feared Program Release 1 is kicking off Spooky Season in MUT with a special player drop, leaving many in the community excited to see what’s to come. As the holidays start to draw closer over these next few months, from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years to name a few, Madden 24 will be ramping up the quality of the new player items it releases into Ultimate Team, and the Most Feared Program is the first holiday milestone in MUT fans are looking forward to.

With the launch of Season 2, Madden 24 has introduced a handful of new promos already, including both the Unstoppable Program and Hispanic Heritage Month Program. And up next on the Season 2 list this week, is that of the Most Feared Program. Last year in Madden 23, the Most Feared promo came with three separate releases, and Madden 24 will be doing the same once more this year. Should you be after the launch date, start time, and new player items from the Release 1 drop of the Most Feared Program, we’ve got just what you’re after down below and more.

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1 launch date and start time

The Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1 launch date is today, October 12, and went live at 1:30PM EST / 6:30PM GMT. EA confirmed this on their Madden Ultimate Team Twitter page following their special live stream on Twitch to reveal the Most Feared Release 1 players yesterday evening.

Following the game’s release in August, the EA Madden 24 Team have announced that mid-week promos will be targeted to go live in game at 1:30PM EST. And over the the Most Feared Release 1 live stream, EA did in fact confirm that 1:30PM EST will be the start time for the first Most Feared Release 1 drop.

Madden 24 Most Feared Program Field Pass and details

Before we get into all the new player items, there’s a variety of important details you will want to go over first, pertaining not only to the new Field Pass but also to the program as a whole. The Most Feared Program is a three-part promo that will come with a fourth bonus content release following its third drop. Along with a slew of new player items, fans will also be able to grind through a new Most Feared Program Field Pass, that comes with a total of 25 Levels.

With the Level 25 reward consisting of a 87 OVR Hero Fantasy Pack or a 90 OVR BND Champion Fantasy Pack, fans can also unlock Season 2 XP, a Most Feared Strategy Item Pack, a couple of 87 OVR BND Most Feared Hero Packs, and several different increments of ‘Treats’. That’s right! Fans will be able to collect this new in-game currency called Treats, and can use them to purchase different store offers.

In addition, the Most Feared Program will also be home to Jack-O-Lantern Tokens fans will be able to unlock in MUT. Upon collecting these Jack-O-Lantern Tokens, fans can place them in sets on Halloween (October 31), where they will receive a random pack from past programs. So be sure to save as many tokens as you can when playing through the new Most Feared Program so you can go trick-or-treating with you tokens on Halloween.

Lastly, there are a total of 20 Solo Challenges (including the Arcana set) with the Release 1 edition of the Most Feared Program. Along the milestone path of the Most Feared Solo Challenges, comes a handful of special bonus rewards, including a Spirit Upgrade Token. This can be used for an upgradable player item, which we detail down below.

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1 players

Despite this only being the first release of the Most Feared Program, Madden 24 came ready and is introducing several new players. Among them are Limited Editions, Champions, Arcana Champions (which we dig into below), Heroes, Elites, and an upgradable Spirit Mystery Player item.

If you’re after all the new player items and the specific details pertaining to each type, we cover just that in this section down below, providing the full list along with all of the information you need to be aware of.

Limited Editions (90 OVR)

Cody Whitehair (LG)Bears
Von Miller (RE) – ArcanaBills

Arcana Champions (90 OVR)

Cooper Kupp (WR)Rams
George Kittle (TE)49ers
Matthew Judon (LOLB)Patriots
Avonte Maddox (CB)Eagles

What makes these Arcana Champions different from regular Champions is that they come with Baked On Abilities that you can not only apply, but also take off should you not wish to have them on. Moreover, the Arcana Champions are in an elite class of their own, and come baring a creative nickname banner on every player item, signifying what kind of Most Feared threat they are on the gridiron.

Champions (90 OVR)

Marshawn Lynch (HB)Seahawks
Maurkice Pouncey (C)Steelers
Jared Allen (LE)Vikings
Budda Baker (SS)Cardinals

Madden 24 Most Feared Release 1

Spirit Mystery Player (82 – 89 OVR)

In the Most Feared Login Calendar, which we breakdown later in this guide, you will receive a Most Feared Welcome Pack on Day 1, which contains a Spirit Mystery Player inside. With the player item being unknown at that this time aside from the position they play (ROLB), fans will be able to find out who it is come Halloween on October 31.

The best part about this Spirit Mystery Player is that it’s an upgradable item. Starting with an 82 OVR, fans can upgrade the Spirit Mystery Player to an 89 OVR by completing his Spirit Session Set, which requires you to collect and use four upgrade tokens. One token will arrive with each of the three Most Feared releases while fans can unlock the fourth from the program’s Solo Challenges milestone ladder.

Heroes (87 OVR)

Tee Higgins (WR)Bengals
Gabe Davis (WR)Bills
Tyler Higbee (TE)Rams
Joe Tryon-Shoyinka (ROLB)Buccaneers
Kendall Fuller (CB)Commanders
Malik Hooker (FS)Cowboys

Elites (83 OVR)

Devin Duvernay (WR)Ravens
Dawson Knox (TE)Bills
D.J. Humphries (LT)Cardinals
Evan Neal (RT)Giants
Mike Danna (RE)Chiefs
Sione Takitaki (LOLB)Browns
Rudy Ford (FS)Packers
Kareem Jackson (SS)Broncos

Madden 24 Most Feared Program Login Rewards

Last but certainly not least, fans have a Most Feared Program Login Calendar reward path they can take advantage of just by logging into MUT from today, October 12, to November 1. That’s right! Fans have a 21 Day Login Rewards path, and can unlock prizes such as Most Feared Program XP, Treats, and an 83+ OVR Most Feared Player.

Should you log into MUT for all 21 days, you will be rewarded with your choice of 2,000 Treats or a 87 BND Most Feared Hero Fantasy Pack. However, keep in mind that you must log into Madden 24 Ultimate Team every single day should you want to secure the ultimate prize. If you miss any days, it will bump you back. So for example, if you secure the Day 1 reward, miss the Day 2 but then log in on Day 3, you will be at Day 2 and unlock that corresponding reward.

In other words, you cannot skip days for the Most Feared Login Rewards Calendar. So if you’re after all of its exclusive prizes, you will need to log into Madden 24 Ultimate Team from now until November 1. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-16