How to jump, hurdle, and jurdle in Madden 24

How to jump, hurdle, and jurdle in Madden 24
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Madden 24 is here and there is no better time to reacquaint yourself with all the controls! From basic to advanced skills, mastering all the abilities can give you an edge in the game. Here, we let you know how to jump, hurdle, and jurd in Madden 24

Player movement is an essential part of the game, dodging tackles to make yardage and touchdowns. There are multiple ways to avoid the opposition in Madden 24, including jumps (hurdles), jurdles, spins, trucks, dead leg, and sprints. 

How to jump or hurdle in Madden 24

Jumping is a basic move in the game, so anyone can master it. Here is how to jump in Madden 24

PlayStationPress Triangle
XboxPress Y
PCPress R

Pressing the jump button at the correct time will see the ball carrier leap over the defender to avoid the tackle. It barely uses any stamina or momentum from the runner, so it is your go-to move in any situation. 

How to jurdle in Madden 24

The jurdle combines a hurdle with a juke, offering you the benefits of both to evade the defense.

PlayStationPress Triangle + LS left or right
XboxPress Y + LS left or right
PCPress R + directional key

Different players also have different jumping stats, and finding someone with top attributes will help make your jumps more successful. Players with the best jumping rating in Madden 24 are: 

PlayerOverallPositionTeamJumping Rating
Ja’Marr Chase94WRCincinnati Bengals98
Donte Jackson80CBCarolina Panthers98
Davante Adams97WRLas Vegas Raiders97
Marcus Williams88FSBaltimore Ravens97
Tee Higgins87WRCincinnati Bengals97
Jartavius Martin73FSWashington Commanders97
Damarri Mathis72CBDenver Broncos97