Madden 24 Most Feared Part 4

Madden 24 Most Feared Part 4
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The fourth and final set of Most Feared is finally here for Madden 24 Ultimate Team. The popular Halloween set is coming to an end on October 31. After three weeks of full sets, a mini set was released a bit earlier than the others. Since Halloween fell today, that marks the end of the set for Madden 24. Expect it to return in future Madden installments. Nevertheless, there’s a few exciting cards to look for. Here’s what was just released.

Madden 24 Most Feared Part IV Cards

There are two Most Feared Champions, two Arcana Players, and one Mysterious Spirit Player in this release. These are some treats released specifically for Halloween to officially cap off this MUT set.

PlayerCard TypePositionOVRTeam
Alvin KamaraMost Feared ChampionHB90New Orleans Saints
Night Train LaneMost Feared ChampionCB90Detroit Lions
Bradley ChubbArcana ChampionsLOLB90Miami Dolphins
Garrett WilsonArcana ChampionsWR90New York Jets
Terry TateMysterious Spirit PlayerROLB89Most Feared Program

The Mystery Player turned out to be none other than Terry Tate, one of the most fearsome linebackers in NFL history. He gets joined by a few modern players and a historically frightening cornerback, all of whom get LTD cards.

Madden 24 Most Feared Part 4
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There are no Hero cards, no High Elites, or anything like that. The first three sets were much more comprehensive, but this one is a small one to send Madden NFL players off well. These have officially gone live as of 1:30 pm EST, where the others were released on Wednesday every week. They have trick boosts such as Sinister Strength, Contemptible Coverage, and more to wreak havoc and give your MUT opponents nightmares.

With this set, you can earn rewards, treats as a new currency, Most Feared strategy items, tokens, and more. There is a Most Feared Field Pass with loads of players available in Madden Ultimate Team. Rest assured if you don’t get one of the players you want, though. Just because the set is ending, the cards do not go away. You’ll still be able to pull and buy them. Solo challenges will go away, but the cards do not.

That’s all for the final Madden 24 Most Feared set, but be sure to check out the first set, second set, and third set of this entire promo.